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01-29-2005, 09:23 AM
I am attempting to complete the USN campaign in the F4F-3; however, the AI zeros are wiping the floor with me. Obviously, I cannot thach weave with my AI wingmen. I have tried B'n'Z tactics, but the Zeros seem to be able to outclimb me and can quickly overcome an altitude advantage. Maybe its me. Perhaps I am not managing my energy well. Anyway, can anybody suggest some useful tactics for dealing with the AI zero in the absence of the thach weave option?

01-29-2005, 10:42 AM
sounds like you're in need of a squadron.


Post on our forum, and we'll give all the information we can to you about how to defeat it.

01-29-2005, 12:49 PM
When flying the Hellcat or any other mid to late war American plane for that matter, altitude is king. Get as much of it as you can. Once you see the enemy don't attack right away. Often times in offline engagement you'll be going head to head with the zeros. Maintain your altitude until you're absolutely sure that you're ready to join the fight. Isolate one target that you want to attack and dive on that target. Fire a burst from short range, when going against Japanese aircraft, your .50 cal ammo will last all day because the planes just fall apart and even just knicking them will result in gas leaks and the like. After the initial dive, do not turn with your opponenet. When flying against 109s and 190s, the American planes can usually get away with a quarter of a turn or maybe a little more, but against zeros you just have to get out. You'll be moving really hot at this point so just continue to fly straight and climb away. Keep you climb angle fairly shallow so you don't burn off all your speed in a sharp vertical climb. Once you're back at altitude look for another opponent in a favorable position and repeat. What you may find happening is that zeros will be able to use their amazing turning ability to get on your tail as you're diving/attacking. Don't bother with them. They'll only be in effective firing range for a few seconds and the quality of Japanese air-to-air weapons is rather poor. Just jinking the aircraft and flying away at high speed is enough. Don't turn into the attack and don't attempt to engage the attacker. Flying away at full speed with a gradual climb rather than violent evasive manuevers will also make it easier for your not so competant wingemen to help you out. Diving is always a great option as well. Its not always as effective as it should be because of limits on the game's engine but zeros won't follow you in a real high speed dive because they will literally break apart (this works even better online when you get a zero pilot so focused on getting a kill that he thinks the plane can handle just a little more speed and ths thing just starts to dissintegrate).

After the zoom I like to have about 500M-1000M between myself and the fight while I'm looking for my next target. For engine management I leave the cowel flaps closed and the engine at about 95%. I reserve the higher power setting for real emergency situations. Also always remember to switch the super charger.

Another thing that will eat up your speed and alittude advantages like crazy is not running away enough. You really need to get far away from your persuars before increasing your climb angle or attempting to change direction to get back into a fight. The zeros ability to do insane turns and snap vertical at a moments notice may just give the sniper AI pilots just enough of a deflection shot to know you out.

01-29-2005, 03:17 PM
Appreciate the feedback. Will give it a try.