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11-23-2010, 07:11 PM
*SPOILERS* I've already finished the game and I'm pretty disappointed. I think this game is better than AC but AC2 is much better than Brotherhood. I love the Assassin's Creed games and I'm a huge fan but I thought this game was going to be better. What did you guys think?
I'm disappointed because

-I was under the impression that you would be able to customize your Assassin recruit from head to toe. I wasn't shocked that a player couldn't change the Assassin's hair color but I thought we could teach them specific skills or equip them with armor or weapons unique to that Assassin.

-The game was short. AC2 had 14 memory sequences (correct me if I'm wrong-I think it's 14) while ACB only had 9 memory sequences. I felt that I waited so long for a game I played in 12 hours. I didn't have time to completely rebuild Rome. I was going around updating most of my building and stores and doing a main memory here or there and then leaving to check my email, but when I neared the end I entered this line of memories that I couldn't exit. The memories took me from sequence 8-9 and the memory/missions didn't have a "don't accept" button so I was forced to finish the game while Rome was 60% rebuilt.

-The beginning was slow. I liked the monologue in the beginning because it refreshed my memory on what happened last game, but having to play as Ezio walks out of the temple-room-area where Minerva appeared watch him explain things to the other Assassins and have him do "good deeds" around Monteriggioni was boring and unnecessary. I had hoped we'd being a while after, right when Cesare was attacking.

-The ending was okay (Ezio's ending and Desmond's ending) but Ezio's ending was random and boring. It was the same fight as all of the other games but this was pretty easy. I also had hoped it would take place at the Pantheon like in the trailer. Did anyone see that trailer? I wanted a big fight between forces where Cesare had the apple for Ezio to fight against and eventually earn when Cesare was defeated. The whole game was reliant on Cesare's final showdown which kind of sucked because it didn't even take place in Rome. He had gone to jail and escaped or something lame like that..

-Some things were completely random and had no relevance. Like having email, shop quests where you find certain items (really hard), Cristina missions (Did anyone do those?), Juno/Minerva appearing with nothing new to say (The 6 sense thing was new but I can't find any real thread for it to follow in the next Assassins Creed. We basically still know that there are temple's for Desmond to find..), and at one point Lucy leaves? I never found out where she went. And Lucy's death. I know why it happened, but now that she's dead they killed the only interesting character pair, which I'm not happy about.

-The missions were easy. I never felt like the game picked up speed because the missions were short and easy to complete even when doing the full synch. I had also hoped for some amazing missions like how in AC2 there was the Renaissance Masked Event (there's a name for it I just can't remember) and it was a big affair . They got close with the play, and having to pose as a guard and guide them back to the banker with out assistance but it was still too simple.

I definitely liked the game and will continue to follow the series! I just wanted to express how I was disappointed.. No one will probably read this but I feel better after ventinghttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

11-23-2010, 07:37 PM
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