View Full Version : ZOMG It's So Cool!

05-28-2011, 07:49 PM
If you notice, pressing the RB button in the Map Menu it will show you your territories and stuff.

Whenever you take out a Borgia Zone, you can go into the Map Menu and press RB and your cursor will automatically move to the Borgia Zone, and a sound will chime in, and the zone will turn white.


I just now replayed the entire game again to unlock every Borgia Zone. Then, I burned every Tower down. But here's the thing, I never ONCE pressed RB in the Map Menu.

Once I got all the zones completed, I went to the Map Menu and pressed RB.

The Cursor moves so fast, all those sounds chiming in, and the zones turning white...

I can't explain it, beat the game again and take down all Borgia Towers without pressing RB in the Map Menu to experience this.

It's to cool to miss.