View Full Version : My first 2 patrols {playing at 100% -finally)

05-19-2006, 04:43 PM
Well with V1.45 @100% realism...

Patrol 1
Departed weilmshaven on 1 Sept 39 patrol grid BE31

{sweating at first attmtps with manual torps}
Sunk 2 C2's for 12,794 tons, now if i can get better then using all my forward eels - LOL

Patrol 2
Patrol grid AM 23 {damn storm, decided to head back to the mouth of English Channel across from The Netherlands}

At mouth of Eng Channel shot 4 eels {hey some practice, I thought I missed but 3 landed at target, sunk after the 1st one, musta had the range wrong vs stopwatch} then afterwards sunk another C2 with three torpodoes {2 hit}. Returning to teh surface I ended up in another storm, at 1/4 ahead a dystroyer {unknown type} spotted me {I saw it at medium range 180 degrees} diving to 25M at full speed i hooked hard to port {"L" manover} and got my stern rudders and stern dive planes blown off. With repairs at best I could I could not change direction and slowed to 2km/mr and into silent running. That dystroyer followed me for an hour. Listening to hydraphones, the reports keep comming in that is was meduim range, constant distant. The sonarman lost the contact, i went to full stop {hey Cptn Smith was close} listening myself to the hydraphones, i cought the faint hint of the Cptn smith heading away from me, at very low turning screws {slow i presume}. Not wanting to make too much noise I went to 1kn in speed and kept my depth at 25m {could not change anayways}. Sneaky capt Smith had his pal Capt Ahab at a dead stop to my 350 degrees, I heard him starting up from slow and going to fast and Ahab continued ahead of me. Staying on course and speed i travelened for another 3 hours {till I was sure none were around} and had to blow balasts to surface. Well The gang and I with the boat full of rags and wood plugs holding the water out made it back to 2nd flotila HQ. 2 months ashore for repairs, gave me much time to write this.

Whew!! {but i think i got the hang of manual torps, I found Wiki facts on SH3 more helpfull then Wazoos {he has a few dead links now to some of the tools he recomends} training at teh academy helped too - 100% realsm, torpodoe training, you can proactice shooting ahead and astern at targets}

Sabastian Healy

05-21-2006, 03:50 PM
Nice going Sab', 100% isn't easy. For fish practice, go back to the academy every so-often

05-22-2006, 03:46 PM
thanks, I am finding im getter better with a practice session {@ academy} each time before I patrol

05-22-2006, 04:26 PM
Try the gunnery as well, deck & AA, as these will help as your career progreses. During the later years, the air cover is pretty thick and furious, your AA gunners need to be very good.