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02-11-2006, 11:21 PM
I was invitet to join some guys in a lan party, but from IP (my home).

At first it was a nice DF map, they flew red, me and another guy was blue. We had the standard 109 vs spit fights, then they startet exploring planes so we had some mossies, one trying to fight in the Tempest but great fun.

Then they startet to talk about some coops, and what the heck we were in. When asked about planes and stuff, we said give us the MC-202 last version (cant remember what its figures are)

Red had briefing blue didnt, all i saw was alot of AI planes infront of me taking of, as wingman for the otherguy we said what the heck lets follow them and se what it brings. Take of was smooth, climped to 4000m and i have to say that plane keeps ok speed up there even at 60% throtle. After finaly have locatet the fuel guage (geez used 10 mins to find it and it even says benzin in it) we formed up and flew above a flight of 110`s heading into the unknown

After some sporadic flak we finaly had a dot 11 clock low, wing leader broke to engage i stayed up high to cover him. Got message on coms that it was a single Beufighter he engaged. The next 2-3 mins was all bad words on coms about rotten guns pee shooters mixed with words i cant put in this forum, but finaly i got the hes going down forming up. The next stuff happend werry fast, 4 dots came buzzing down on him and i jumped right into the midle of things. My leader had not mucth probs avoiding them in horizontal fight, vertical he berely maneged, and in dives he had no chance. After identifying the enemys 3 spits and a hurry, i told me to shoot engines cocpit only, radiator would be fine to. I have absolutely no experience in this plane, not flown it before, but i was suprised how well it handled in turn and climp. After the first frustrating passes with the pee guns i got the hang if it and soon the hurry was trailing smoke, after a salvo more 3 hole secs it burstet in flames. Then i noticed a plane in the mirror (love the way its placed)made werry hard left climping turn invertet half way through it whent all the way around and *ding* i was at a spits six with 400 KPH and after first salvo i actualy had to evade a collision. My wingleader had made another speed smoking, but had ran out of ammo....would call it pees or beans my self. But he kept at one of them so he didnt engage me while i was tangleling with the other one.

After evading spit breaking right diving i whent vertical tracking him (love the mouse thingy on x-52) i saw him spotting me and come up like a rocket. i stayed vertical hanging by the prop keeping it straight with the rudder 100 kph-80 kph 20 kph -40 kph - 60 kph...darn i was heading downwards to him tail first. I cranked the rudder the mc told me it was close to a spin throtle 0 flipping over throtle 110% and i had nose down. Beneth me around 500m i had the flat silhuet of a spit stalling and a perfect solution. I fired and i didnt stop before i passed him, with a nice pilot kill as bonus. I asked location of leader, and he told me he was landing, ooooh so what about the other spit, well the spit had lost him after gaining advantege so leader just bailed from fight, as i got the message i heard the ting wham **** pow on fuselage and right in the mdile of my mirror was the nice profile of a spit. One of the hits made my engine jump, kinda like it goes down abit in rpm and then back up, and i knew i was in trouble. I when down on the deck course straight home, and for 2-3 mins o got the ting pam wham **** while he was hitting me (later found out that he only had pee guns left him self) When i had base in sight he broke of heading home, and for the first time i looked at my wings, there were more holes than wing left, and making preperations for landing my leader (on ground) told me i was trailing smoke. Ok with half my instruments out i made gear out and made a confirmation pass so leader could tell me if gear was out or not, gear was down http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif happy litle snail here.

I made the turn for final and the engine startet to sound well not that ok. flaps down right wing realy wants to dip holding it landed at 130kph and parked right beside my leader. He told me that the entire plane was cowered with holes, missing some rudder and abit elevator.

This plane caught me by surprise, i hate the 205, after flying that i didnt even wantet to try out the 202, but i have to say that this ranks all the way up with the 51 on my list, its a joy. So if any of the creators or M`dude him self read this, what a great plane you have thrown in the sim for free, im amased that even after this long, this game with the addons still can thrill me

a virtual S! from a Virtual pilot


02-12-2006, 12:30 AM
Great story mate, thanks for it http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif