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08-25-2011, 05:20 PM
I'm one of those people who likes random facts about things, like these games. Silly little trivial things such as the easter eggs, the little references to things, little hidden gems in the game and other random things. I love reading them, and then looking for them in the games myself.

So anyway, I'm starting this thread in the hopes that it'll become a huge collection of trivia and interesting things about the games all the one place. I haven't seen a similar post (hopefully I haven't missed it).

Hopefully others will post about things they've noticed that weren't worth mentioning in the other threads that might find a home in this thread. For the moment, I guess I'll try to start and hope others will throw some more out there.

For Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

* You can follow a newly recruited Assassin all over the city endlessly. If you overtake the new recruit they will suddenly change direction. They will never free-run or climb.

* The Heralds urge people to be careful when removing stone from the ruins as a kitten was crushed from a falling stone at the Colloseum.

* If you stick around long enough after pick-pocketing someone, they'll realise it was you and attack you.

* All of the vehicles in modern Monteriggioni have different license plates (unusual to see this in a game as cloned items seem to be favoured).

* Only recently noticed that Desmond's t-shirt beneath his hoodie has a pattern of an Eagle.

* In Rome, occasionally there's a townsperson who looks identical to Rebecca wandering around (ironically munching on an apple!).

* Desmond is invincible in Monteriggioni...no fall will kill him or cause him damage.

* Desmond can talk to the statue of Altair.

* There's a sewer entrance from the water that leads into the Tiber Island hideout.

* A newspaper in Monteriggioni can be found lying on the ground near the villa with the headline 'Questo e il vero Leonardo' which I was told translates to 'this is the real Leonardo'.

All I can think of just now. Please add more (and if I think of any I'll add more too).

08-26-2011, 01:15 AM
heralds also shout about stopping the play "about the little boy of fresia", cause it has suffered embarresment to several people of the church

09-02-2011, 04:50 AM
A few more:

Eagles in the game. I know it's a theme but there's a few I found that weren't too obvious and some that were :

* Desmond's t-shirt beneath his hooded sweatshirt is an Eagle.
* Ezio's crossbow is an Eagle; take a close look, the front end of the design is an eagle's head, there's wings on the bottom edge.
* Every now and then, an Eagle can be seen flying in the skies in Rome.
* The Recruits use an 'Eagle call' upon their Assassination.
* Desmond's tattoo I think is possibly an Eagle (I can't get a good enough view of it as he has the hidden blade on).
* Eagle design on the hidden blade cuff.
* Ezio's hood is shaped like the head of an eagle (the point is the beak).
* The framework of the glass above the door of the Tiber Island hideout has a bird (possibly an eagle) hidden in the design.

Other stuff:

* Desmond's hooded top is the same colours as Ezio's Assassin's robes, white with red trim.
* Lucy has an Abstergo access pen on her desk; when Lucy disappears around halfway through the game, so does the pen.
* William M makes suggestions in emails that the characters do not share information with each other.
* In an email with the weekly Animus schedule Lucy writes an entry for Friday of "TEAM BREAKFAST! as prepared by Royal Chef Shaun Hastings!". In others, the team supper is "cooked by the lovely Rebecca" and then dinner is listed as "Desmond is doing this one!"
* There are five artifacts to be found in Monterrigioni...none of which seem to have any actual significance other than to give you an achievement worth 20 points. You can look at them in the Sanctuary in front of Altair's statue, but you cannot interact with them.
* Almost all of the equipment in the Sanctuary belonged to Abstergo; their logo can be seen on several items.
* When Lucy is gone from the Sanctuary, Rebecca and Shaun will become too busy to interact.
* Through emails, you can learn some of the 'off-screen' drama going while Desmond is spending time in the Animus (including Shaun's altercation with an 'Italian Ape').
* Danny Wallace, who voices Shaun Hastings claims his ancestor is William Wallace (Braveheart). William Wallace of course, was linked with Robert The Bruce, and in turn, The Bruce is generally linked in fiction with The Knights Templar.
* If you stand around, the bard will sing an interesting array of terrible songs about Ezio (and he never seems to run out of material).
* When hiring courtesans, occasionally some great phrases come out of their enticing men. One of the best I heard was "Does this dress make my assets look larger?"
* Although the team have sleeping bags in the Sanctuary, emails suggest they may be sleeping in the bedrooms of the villa as Shaun at one point has Rebecca's MP3 player on his nightstand, and Lucy has the painkillers on her windowsill.
* Lucy has the "Project Legacy" website up on her computer in the Sanctuary.
* On occasions, passing by recruits in the Tiber Island Hideout will prompt them to greet Ezio with respect, often referring to him as "capo".
* Some tailors pride themselves on selling undergarments of fine finesse with a guarantee of 'no itchy codpieces'.
* The best place to get pickpocketed/find a Borgia messenger is right outside the Thieves guild (no surprise there).

03-28-2017, 11:27 AM
One interesting tidbit is that all the names being "Altair, Desmond, Ezio, Connor, Edward, Adewale, Aveline, Arno and Jacob" Have either the meaning of bird or eagle in their respectable origins.