View Full Version : **spoil**AC:B Ending explained via Da Vinci DLC beginning

03-20-2011, 02:26 PM
I am sorry if this was mentioned before, but I am mind blown after the ending of ACB, and wanted to share some new (or not) info with you guys.

This is on PC

After the ending of ACB, in the credits you hear voices. A lot of people have been debating about of who they are. After finishing AC:B, and then starting the Da Vinci DLC, you hear someone talking about that you triggered a memory, and that via it maybe they will find the piece(s?) of eden. And then a guy says, I don't remeber, so lets say "bla bla bla William." And then "Bla bla bla Desmond" sorry i forgot the lines. But this is the answer to some questions.

Desmond is held by William and others!

Will edit the post i just want to record this to show proof.

Notice it says "Edit 2".

EDIT 1: ****, I am sorry but after I exited the DLC, the starting point appears to have changed. Now it is a house door, before it was a checkpoint, and it starts the DLC, but not the explanation I stated above.

Instructions on how to do this:
After sequence 2 (or 3?) I unlocked the DLC via UPlay. I went to it, and I got the Email. After it said Rome 1506, I alt-F4-d out because i didn't want to hear any spoilers of the Main Story. Then I finished the Main Story. After being put back in the animus, I went and began the DLC again, and heard those voices debating.

tl:dr William and Desmond are in AC3.