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12-28-2011, 08:17 AM
I hate to say it, but I'm done with Multiplayer (PS3) at this point. I have little doubt that any replies to this thread will turn it in to a whining or complaining thread. But until there are some patches fixing some game play issues I'm quickly seeing little point in continuing to play Multiplayer...

Maybe its the fact I reached level 50 a few nights ago and am about half way to my next prestige star or maybe its just game play in general.

I've personally played the Multiplayer more than I have story mode; even though I'm dying to see what happens and have avoided spoilers. I think the Multiplayer mode for ACR has a lot of potential once things get patched (if they get patched). I could see it as a strong contender to games such as Modern Warfare if Ubisoft sticks with the game play. But I see this falling off the map just like Legacy for Facebook once the next game is releases and they introduce something new again.

Things I would like to see fixed (in no particular order - just as I think of them):

Targeting: The thing that just made me say the heck with online play. I just spent about 2 minutes in a match following my target and unable to lock on to them just to have that person turn around and run up for a stun. The entire time they were running up I still couldn't target and did not receive the 'Press Square' message to kill. The person was definitely my target.

Smoke Bomb: Matches have turned into smoke bomb fests. Players just smoke bomb, stun and repeat. This is especially seems prominent in Chest Capture and Manhunts. I've seen single players smoke bomb entire teams repeatedly, because of lost targets due to this tactic...

Poison: A skill I use often just because of how scoring is 'broken' on it. Its quite easy to score 2000 points on a kill even when you've been detected and stunned after using it. The +200 (~350 with crafting) point bonus needs removing and if stunned your detection meter should drop.

Hidden Gun: I personally don't use this one much because of scoring. It seems to me the scoring should be based on distance. If you are close it should be a 100-150 kill, but as distance from target increases, the points should increase.

Knife: I personally would like to see this skill actually stun instead of just slow. If you knife, they shouldn't be able to use skills, contest, etc. I can't count the number of times I've knifed an individual jumping on wires, sides of buildings, etc just to have them use smoke bomb and get a free escape with stun.

Running: Shouldn't be able to contest a kill while doing it. Should take a few seconds in my opinion for the victim to regain their balance after running to contest. See 'Stamina Meter' below.

Stamina Meter: This is probably one of the biggest things I would love to see added. The game mechanics are supposed about stealth, but how many of us have spent our time being stealthy against our victim just to have the SAME (See 'Target Selection' below) low level character repeatedly run up on you for a 100 point kill or had to chase down the same victim who does nothing but run and climb buildings.

A stamina meter should limit running, climbing and if that meter is not full then you shouldn't be able to contest kills.

Target Selection: There really needs to be some better randomization in target selection. Its overly common to have 3 pursuers on you right after spawning. Or you spawn pursuing a target that has 3 on them for them to just die seconds later (sometimes before completely spawning), then you have to wait for a new target; sometimes quite a while...

Ground Kill: I would like to see this actually give a new target in Deathmatch type modes. If you track your victim down just to have it poached and are close enough to ground kill, give us a new target so we can move on after the next person instead of wandering around trying to avoid the low level characters running at us for 100 points...

I know its a bit of a list to go through, but if you made it this far in the post, please feel free to add your thoughts on things you would like to see changed. Agree with any the above or disagree?

12-28-2011, 09:15 AM
lol i havnt even started the multiplayer

12-28-2011, 10:31 AM
There's a multiplayer forum if you didn't know about it - just click it up top.

12-28-2011, 10:47 AM
Yes and its General Discussion...

12-28-2011, 10:58 AM
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