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05-08-2005, 05:21 AM
I never really took the time to test all the different AC in PF.
Yesterday I went op against the Raiden (Jack) for the first time.
I was in a P-51 in wich I absolutely suck, and I gunned down three of them in 5 minutes. Man that thing is WEAK!
Is this historically accurate? Was the Raiden really such a dog? It's slow for a 1944 fighter, it's got a very low turnrate and mediocre rollrate, and it seems that even veteran pilot AI is unable to hit with the guns (the 'ace' ALWAYS hit).
If someone can post some good information about the plane I'd be very happy.

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The Raiden was designed as a high speed interceptor. With its stubby wings and massive feus the Raiden cannot turn well. The plane is particularly suited to fast slashing attacks much like the Focke Wulf. The AI in game isn't very good at adapting to plane type. It typically tends to stall fight as best it can with any airplane. The way to AI flys the Raiden is not the way the plane should be flown. If it ever becomes flyable I bet it will be a real menace online.