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12-29-2009, 09:10 AM
AC2 is a great game and I enjoy it very much. But being a programmer closely involved in 3D/game development for few years I cannot help to feel little perplexed (and sometimes even angry) by some implementation choices done by AC2 team.
Yes, locales are terrific, story and missions are so much better. But let consider the AC1 flaws that should be fixed and were not, and the annoyances that were introduced.
I hope for constructive discussion that will help AC team to make AC3 better.
So - lets start with:
<LI> camera work: I cannot stress enough how irritation it i in action sequences. It consfuses sense of direction and breaks flow of movement.
Solution: give option of multiple view "presets" and switching between them would make things better.
<LI> restriced movement: it makes no sense that you cannot run when stealing codex pages, inside pre-scripted cutscenes and outside Animus
<LI> there is no clear indication of direction where avatar is running; miniscule changes of direction from which obstacle is approached change dramatically movement sequences (think running onto the wall instead of jumping)
Solution 1: add some indicator where avatar will run next
Solution 2: include information about being chased, detected, during run-like missions into parkour decisions
<LI> trying to traverse anything makes no sense; nothing will be gined by running onto wall inside archway (because of collision with NPC crowd) or running onto wall when there is nothing you can climb at
Solution: tag parts of objects as non-climbable at during object creation
<LI> sometimes directions of movement are relative to avatars head not by position of camera (think directions of nub movement on the controller); this is a problem when "dynamic camera" switches on
Solution: use main camera as a base instead of avatar head
<LI> very low quality of characters models during cinematic sequences; hands are paricularly bad - allmost disfigured
Solution: another LOD level for characters
<LI> repetitive geometry: there's a annoying amount of gemetry re-use (for eample all chimneys are the same)
Solution: add some run-time procedural geometry modification on "close" LODs
<LI> running avatar collides with every NPC; he's an assasin - shouldn't he be more nimble ?
Solution: add aviod-while-running animations in most frequent collision cases
<LI> "wanted" posters are mostly in the places nobody will see them
Solution: "wanted" posters should be at crowd eye level; every one should be ripped down; single poster should have less impact on avater recognition; ripping poster in front of guard should result in it being replaced
<LI> avatar looks the same - no disguise is ever used; seems very unrealistic
Solution: clothes lines could provide means of disguise (from far); disguises could be bought from tailors
<LI> why avatar is able to carry 100'000 of gold ?
Solution: Introduce inter-connected banks. In some places you could buy paying directly from bank, in some - hand cash would be needed.
<LI> why villa can only contain about 45'000 gold ? Cannot they get another chect ? Or a room ?
Solution: Introduce banks - see above.
<LI> There's too much money from villa - there's no incentive to get side-quests at later parts of game.
Solution: reduce the profits from villa or increase profits from side-quests
<LI> Avatar cannot steal weapons from enemies.
Solution: let him steal them.
<LI> Every non-used item is "magically" teleported into villa.
Solution: let him have his flat in every city he "works" in. Transferring assets between villa and flat should have its price or be a "initial quest".

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I'd say this would fit best into the "Assassin's Creed 2 OFFICIAL Wishlist Thread (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5251069024/m/4581016208/p/1)".

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