View Full Version : SP:CT versus problem

07-31-2007, 01:39 AM
Hi, I recently installed CT and it works great in solo play, graphics is smooth and everythings runs prefect.

but when i switch to versus mode the game starts to extremly lag and i can hardly move my mouse cursor (im not even ingame just in menus yet)

im running on:
amd5600 2.8ghz
2gb ram
geforce 8600gt
all the latest drivers installed

if thats to any help, can someone help me that had a similar problem or knows a solution.
very appriciated thanks

07-31-2007, 03:17 AM
set usealternatetimer in one of the ini files to other setting

07-31-2007, 03:37 AM
changed the default.ini in "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory\Versus\System" folder,
set UseAlternateTimer=True.

this solved the problem, thanks NuclearDragon

03-29-2008, 11:44 PM
OMG i spent hours in agony trying to fix this problem, and this finally did it. Thanks for the help!