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05-10-2005, 09:04 AM
Well.. There is still something I would like to see in this game... It was kinda promised in the original plan but doesn't seem to be there...

How about Radio Intercepts and the ability to hear distress calls, along with DF usage??? I see all the radio equipment is there but none of it is useable. What's the point of having a trained radioman just to send contact reports? I would also like to be able to use the Enigma machine :P lol just as a toy really since this doesn't affect gameplay at all. Tell me what y'all think....

05-11-2005, 12:18 AM
The radio, and it's lack of involvement in the game, has always been a sore spot for me.

I want messages from BdU
I want to know from what intel source a contact originates from.
I want to feel as though sending a contact report actually has some value (just tell me another sub was able to intercept as a result of my info or something....BdU can make up a story, I just want to "think" it has a purpose.)
I want my radio guy to tell me when he has intercepted radio traffic.

I want, I want, I want. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/51.gif

05-11-2005, 12:44 AM
1.3 has some messages from BdU now.

I was notified of the German's capturing a port, and apparently it sounds like they'll let you know when you can commence hostilities against certain factions.

05-11-2005, 07:25 AM
Does anyone know if sending a contact report, reports it to everyone in Multiplayer ?
I haven't had a chance to play much online, so i really don't know the setup on it.

05-11-2005, 07:27 AM
How about a message other than "Keep up the good work!"

05-11-2005, 07:58 AM
Originally posted by Praetorian27:
How about a message other than "Keep up the good work!"
how about..
"be more aggresive"

05-12-2005, 01:03 AM
On my way back to port tonight, I spotted several enemy coastal merchants sailing near Denmark. The cheek! I had my Radioman call in the contacts, and was treated to a display of german airpower. There was a German ship in the area, but he may have been too far away to intercept, but I liked the bombing run. They missed, but it was nice not being the target for once.