View Full Version : Thinking about buying game. What are the combat mechanics like?

12-08-2009, 02:58 PM
Im curious about the combat mechanics..Are they similar to say, Oblivion and Demons Souls where personal skill is required, or is it more like Dragon Age origins where you press a button and your character attacks in a fully automated way?

12-08-2009, 03:01 PM
Neither. This game uses a very unique combat system. In the sequel it's a little more complicated but if you want to get used to it on the easiest level possible then by the first game.

(But you're mistaken about Oblivion, that combat system requires almost no skill when it comes to melee weapons.)

12-08-2009, 03:31 PM
Well can you try to explain it?

Captain Tomatoz
12-08-2009, 03:33 PM
just watch some gameplay videos http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

12-08-2009, 03:35 PM
Gameplay videos dont show you what button does this or that or how it works.

12-08-2009, 04:08 PM
Originally posted by Toddwp:
Well can you try to explain it?
There are 3 primary ways to kill enemies in combat.
1)Combo attacks
---Press the attack button right as your sword connects with the enemy's and eventually you will have worn them down enough to do a finishing kill or just have hacked them to death.
---Hold the high-profile button(that probably doesn't make any sense to you; it would if you play the game though) and press the attack button just before the enemy's sword is about to hit you. You can kill them instantly that way.
---Throw enemies into scaffolding, off roof-tops, or into water to kill them.

There are other parts to it like dodging, grab breaks, and steps but those are easy to figure out.

Another way to fight is shock and awe which takes a long time to explain so if you want to learn it then just look it up on youtube.

12-08-2009, 04:12 PM
a auto lock system is used to lock onto a target with a button, then there one button to attack with the weapon you wield, a button to grab your enemy, a button to step away to dodge a swing and a button to block

while blocking your attack button becomes a counter button and if pressed just as you block a enemy strike you enter a counter animation usually instantly killing your target (a few guards later in the game needs to be weaken to near death before you can land a counter kill also some guards have 2 handed axes and sword who cant be blocked because the force of the swing)

12-08-2009, 06:26 PM
Great! Thanks. I'll have to pick up the game