View Full Version : Whats your PC build for flight simming?

07-15-2009, 09:43 PM
I think its safe to say that everything cept for my lack of harddrive space (which I will be upgrading to a 250gb seagate baracuda shortly) my pc is more than ready for BOB:SOW.

I have a quadcore q6700 overclocked to 3.4 Ghz, 2x2 gigs of DDR2 1000 gskill ram CAS 5, I have a 8800 GTS 512 g92, a Zalman CNPS9700 LED 110mm cooling fan, a DS3R EP35 Motherboard and a 74 gig raptor drive all in a full sized Xclio A380 Plus computer case.


Flight sim setup

07-15-2009, 10:15 PM
I am running a QX6700@3.2GHz, two 8800 GTX in SLI, 4 Gigs of RAM (XP only uses about 3), SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, two 10,000RPM Raptor 140GB (total 280 GB) and two storage drives. Both Seagate's, one 400 GB and the other a 1 TB external drive.
I am also using a 24" widescreen, A TrackIR and custom CH controls to include the Fighterstick, Pedals and a custom made Pro Throttle with Quadrant sliders and buttons on it.
All in all this setup has made my Il2 experience so much more enjoyable comparing to the stuff I was using at the time of the demo.