View Full Version : Can Someone Explain the Weapon Wheel

11-17-2011, 06:20 PM
Hey fellows, I don't quite have the game yet (as I doubt I'll ever get it anyway) but I was just wondering how this whole weapon system works.

As far as I know, you got two different wheels. A primary weapons wheel, for Hidden Blades, Swords, and Daggers; and then a secondary weapons wheel, for throwing knives, poison, and a hidden gun and bombs and such. You select one with the LS, and one with the RS. X/Square is the Primary Weapon, and Y/Triangle is the Secondary weapon.

But I don't think I get it that much.

1. During combat I can use a primary weapon using X and when I want to I can simply press Y to use a secondary weapon? Without having to put up my primary first?
2. Can I assign a Dagger as my Primary and say the Gun as my secondary and use them simultaneously?
3. Does the quick-select still work? So I can assign 'up' as like a Hidden Gun, and 'down' as a dagger, etc?
4. If 3 is true, can I assign secondary weapons on my quick-select?
5. Anything I might need to know that I missed?

11-17-2011, 06:23 PM
3. You can highlight something on the wheel and then use the D-pad to set it on the Quick Select option.

4. I'm not sure, although it might work, you might have to experiment on that.