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04-21-2006, 05:39 AM
<span class="ev_code_RED">Hollywood Chaos Tweaking V1.10 Template and tutorial </span>


Welcome to the Hollywood Chaos thread. The whole purpose of my work here, is to make the game as dynamic as possible. This mod currenlty is based on GW as updated to 1.1. This is now a blog based mod where players can just copy the text from the Blogsite and paste into their randomised events file. I will update the Blog site over time so keep checking it. This means players will always have access to the latest version without having to download files

<span class="ev_code_RED">Changelog for V1.10 </span>

Have now added every passive and active sensor for the DDs. You can now either randomise the settings or create probability based settings. I have blocked the min height values at the moment so Hemisents thermal layers still works however this can be merged if you know what you are doing.

I have set everything to its default value as shown in GW 1.1. This is not exactly a mod but more of a chaos template. I will be creating my own settings to suit my sence of realism. I do not really want to post it as a mod but will share my settings on my blog site.

Added crew damage randomiser template.

Added plane damage template.

Shortened the special effects blocks for easier randomisation.

Fixed a issue with half the sub settings not being read. Thanks lurker.

Double checked the ship template.

<span class="ev_code_RED">Changelog for V1.00</span>

Now added a blog to host the file as it changes instead of lots of threads

AI detection lost contact is anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes By Jscones

AI Cannons Max error angle is anywhere between 1 and 4 accuracy By gouldjg

AI AA guns Max error angle is anywhere between 1 and 5 accuracy By gouldjg

Various random thermal layers added by Hemisent (useful in late war)

Unmodified template of all ship components by gouldjg based on NYGM model

Random upper deck special effects by gouldjg (will be refined as testing shows what is best)

Random SUB damage based on Hollywoods (will be refined as testing shows what is best)

Expected work to be added over time

Awaiting suggestions

Absolute Requirements

GW updated to 1.1
SH3 Commander

Knowledge requirements

As long as you can copy text and paste it into the correct place, it should not be hard at all if you read the tutorial closely. PLEASE READ THE TUTORIAL, IT IS IMPORTANT TO GET THE BEST FROM THIS.


You only need copy the white text from this blog site http://hollywoodchaos.blogspot.com/2006/04/hollywood-chaos-v110.html
and then paste it into your program files/SH3 commander/cfg/randomised events file. That€s it. No downloading, no files, no waiting. With this setup, all updates will be posted on the blog site in text format. I will now set up a change log and deal with it from my end.

The purpose of this file is so that modders and experienced players can create randomisation within the game.

Next time you start via commander, it will read the file and your changes and start the game with what it decides as to be a random figure from the ranges we have defined. Every other time you load through sh3 commander, it will randomise till you tell it to stop as shown in tutorial.

When you find a setting you like, proceed like this to stop it randomising.

1. Open you sh3 data zones.cfg file.

2. Look at what the setting was in the thing or things you liked.

3. Rememebr that/those settings

4. open up randomised events file and set it so it always randomises to the number you like in the appropriate places as you see fit.

5. If it is a special effect you prefere more than the rest just make all the 20 special effects the same as the one you liked etc etc.

For safety€s sake, make a quick back up of the original file so you can revert should not like my work or it is too complicated for you.

In the next thread you will find the tutorial<span class="ev_code_RED">Hollywood Chaos Tweaking V1.10 Template and tutorial </span><span class="ev_code_RED">Hollywood Chaos Tweaking V1.10 Template and tutorial </span>

04-21-2006, 05:39 AM
The Basic Tutorial

<span class="ev_code_RED">Part 1 </span>


So we have NYGM ship damage which has increased the hit points of the ships to allow for more realistic sinking. Specially aimed shots will strike critical areas and the flooding times have been increased. Please take a moment to read the NYGM notes to get a better understanding.

It also states that firing at the water line will sink the ship unless you want to fire loads and loads of shells on the upper decks until the extremely high hit points run out. Firing on the upper decks does not help sinking but eventually the hit points will reach zero and the ship will blow up. Some players do not like this part so what can be done?. I will explain.

I will be posting the main of the file but I will be updating with optional expansion settings and explanations of those settings. An example of this is when I post the crew injury randomiser. I think it is best this way as you can then decide whether or not to let it activate or to close it off to have no effect. At least you will not be waiting weeks for an updated mod.

<span class="ev_code_RED">Ship Damage basic randomisation. </span>

Lets look at the escort, as it is set out in the randomisation file block 1. Currently I have not yet applied any randomized settings that deviate from the NYGM model. I cannot force my settings on you folks yet until you understand the full concept. Then you can either choose my settings or make your own which I am sure you will do eventually.

Example 1

NEEngineRoom|Flotability=I|30|30|Y ;NEW ESCORT--

As you can see I have not yet applied any changes to this.

Looking at the data you can determine that the floatability of the engine room is 30 and it has 240 hit points. The flooding time is 300 and the multiplier which multiplies the cargo explosion is set at 2 = double the strength shall we say for ease. The Y on the end means that it will randomise on every load through sh3 commander. I now want to tweak it as follows: -

Example 2

NEEngineRoom|Flotability=I|25|35|Y ;NEW ESCORT--

I have tweaked it so now we can have the floatability at anything between 25% to 35%, you will not know what the number is. This can mean that either the torpedo hit a solid surface and never caused that much effect or it can mean that it did more damage than expected. The same goes with the rest. The multiplier can mean that there were no explosive substances in there or in fact, there was a lot. Can you see where the unknown comes in? There are other factors such as cargo etc but I have left this for the updates. I would not set too steep a number on the floatability unless there was problems noted in the game that I wanted to resolve (my next step). Small changes is the safest way to go. If you like a new setting and want to keep it that way, all you have to do is to look at what your zones.cfg in your SH3 data directory numbers are and then set your lines so that they are the same.

Example 3

I have tweaked the engine room and my last game looked cool in this area. I have opened the zones cfg and found that that actual floatability on my last game was 33 etc etc. I want it to stay like that now so here is what I do. I go to my randomization file and apply the following

NEEngineRoom|Flotability=I|34|34|Y ;NEW ESCORT--

I have literally told it to stop randomizing and stay on those chosen numbers because they were good for my gameplay.

There you have it. You can either do it your self or wait until I or any other tweakers post our settings on this thread. Always check post 1 as it will be used to highlight the updates. In the next section I am going to talk about special effect randomization and how to get a better damage effect on upper decks with the deck gun. I hope you have understood this part and feel free to post questions.

<span class="ev_code_RED">Part 2 </span>

The special effects block

If you scroll right down the text, you will find lines like this

0_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Splinter_explosion, 10
1_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Splinter_explosion, 10
2_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Splinter_explosion, 20
3_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Splinter_explosion, 20
4_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Splinter_explosion, 10
5_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Splinter_explosion, 10
6_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Splinter_explosion, 10
7_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_small, 10
8_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_small, 10
9_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_small, 20
10_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_small, 20
11_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_small, 30
12_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_small, 40
13_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_small, 10
14_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_big, 10
15_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_big, 40
16_PLATFORM|Effect1=#Fire_big, 30

This is the special effects randomizer. Each of the upper deck items can hold two special effects. Effect 1 represents a partially damage effect and effect two controls the effect when the item is destroyed. The number at the end of the effect is the percentage of damage needed before effect happens. I have applied a number of different effects on each of the upper deck items. SH3 commander will choose one and it will then be applied. If you study the setup for a few moments, you will see how it works and you can either let it randomise for eye candy or edit it to be more realistic. This is pretty much a each to their own thing but is easy enough to do.

<span class="ev_code_RED">Part 3</span>

Adding random cargo

In this part, I will show how you can add ammo in upper deck items so that when they are destroyed there is a chance for further damage.

0_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
1_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
2_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
3_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
4_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
5_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
6_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
7_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
8_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
9_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
10_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
11_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
12_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
13_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
14_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
15_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
16_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
17_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
18_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
19_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None
20_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=None

As you can see, I have not yet added a cargo. If I add ammo as a cargo in one section, I will have 5% chance that by destroying that item, It will cause an after explosion and further lower hit points or effect nearby items. If I add ammo 10 times = 50% etc etc.


I replace line 20 with this setup

20_COMMAND DECK|CargoType=Ammo

<span class="ev_code_RED">Part 4 </span>

Making a critical chance

Now lets say I want a chance to get a good chance for the ship to blow up. Here is how it can be done. Taking the command deck which NYGM made 300 points, I have done the following

0_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
1_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
2_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
3_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
4_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
5_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
6_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
7_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
8_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
9_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
10_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
11_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
12_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
13_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
14_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
15_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
16_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
17_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
18_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
19_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
20_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No

etc etc. The same rule applies. I can set one to =yes and now have a 5% chance of a critical explosions. This rule can be tailored for any area of the ship. Well That€s the quick guide and I await your questions. Remember that this file will be growing.

04-21-2006, 12:17 PM
Have now opened a blog site so you can copy in one shot instead of all this cutting and pasting due to it not fitting in threads.

This should make life much easier and the mod will be much more stable now.

Find it here <span class="ev_code_BLUE">http://hollywoodchaos.blogspot.com/2006/04/hollywood-chaos-v100.html</span>

04-22-2006, 06:04 AM
Just an update to folks to share my excitement

After some teaching and guidance from jscones, I have successfully tested how I can go about creating a Hollywood Chaos DD tweaker template.

This will eventually, when all sections have been completed, allow me to set random DD abilities based on a probability principle. If you look at a section jscones showed me how to do, you will see how it can be done.

;allows you to adjusts device values to allow ever changing DD abilities - by Gouldjg

0_x044D=200 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
1_x044D=201 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
2_x044D=202 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
3_x044D=203 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
4_x044D=204 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
5_x044D=205 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
6_x044D=206 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
7_x044D=207 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
8_x044D=208 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
9_x044D=209 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
10_x044D=210 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
11_x044D=220 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
12_x044D=230 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
13_x044D=240 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
14_x044D=250 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
15_x044D=260 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
16_x044D=270 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
17_x044D=280 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
18_x044D=290 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone
19_x044D=295 ;MinRange AI Hydrophone

;allows you to adjusts device values to allow ever changing DD abilities - by Gouldjg

0_x045E=6001 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
1_x045E=6020 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
2_x045E=6002 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
3_x045E=6030 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
4_x045E=6003 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
5_x045E=6040 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
6_x045E=6002 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
7_x045E=6010 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
8_x045E=6004 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
9_x045E=6020 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
10_x045E=6005 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
11_x045E=6050 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
12_x045E=6006 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
13_x045E=6070 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
14_x045E=6008 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
15_x045E=6090 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
16_x045E=6010 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
17_x045E=6050 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
18_x045E=6009 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone
19_x045E=6080 ;MaxrangeAI Hydrophone

Ignore the actual figures as these were test numbers to ensure it did in fact do what I wanted it to.

I will get to work on setting up a template which will allow players or modders to fiddle with each sensor.

This will be a great tool as we will eventually find settings for each item that stick to history values without the uber effect all of the time. Add a bit of random and kaboom, you will be in the shoes of a real captain of the times whom only has a rough idea of what to expect.

For me personally, I know work on the DD has been done but it just don€t feel right.

I am just wondering id anyone wants to help me input the sections as it will take some time to get it all down. Jscones has kindly already provided me with a list of what each x045E value is for each piece of equipment. PM me if you have time spare to help complete the template or be patient as it will take me some time to do it on my own die to study and work commitments.

Once again

Thanks jscones

04-22-2006, 06:35 AM
As well as the above,

Here is a glimpse of the crew protection data,

;Hollywood chaos crew protection tweaker template v1.00 by gouldjg



I can now fiddle with the way crew are protected on each patrol. I may extend the number to my usual 20 as it allows that one off 5% chance instead of the 10% which some may consider too frequent when making changes.

04-23-2006, 08:36 AM
Re read post 1 for details

The Blog site has been updated with the new template.

Post questions either here or on the blog site

04-24-2006, 01:31 PM
Hi Gouldjg,
hope you stay well and in good spirits, so the development of this brilliant Chaos enhancement will continue without disruption.

Tweaking the game with this mod and finding out the effects is nearly as much fun as playing the game itself.

I'm anxiously following the blog for changes/additions, and I'm sure there are many more of us.

Cheers m8

04-24-2006, 01:52 PM
Thanks mate

there is more work being done/discovered over at subsim,

1. We are starting to build a version of DD randomisations so players will no longer have the usual predictability of the DD. You can maybe later customise this to your style of play but I think you will like it.

It will take a little bit of time but 4 of us will be doings the data inputting with a new set of numbers. 180 blocks with 20 lines of data in each takes time lol.

The blog will be set up for that over the next two days and hopefully a beta version will be ready in a few days. As it get used I will be refining it when feedback comes in.

Also Jscones is setting this for possible yearly use.

1939 randomfile 1940 randomfile etc.

This means we can have more control on the historical element of the game.

e.g. If one DD master file still does not bring new life into the DD and a bit of a challenge, I can do one for each year of the war which suits that specific year.

SH3 commander will read my patrol date and load the relevent file for me.

04-24-2006, 02:52 PM
I'm frequently checking Subsim, too, of course, to keep track of things. You seem to have a blast working with Jaesen to take SH3 to unforeseen hights.

I've been wondering regarding the Special effect Randomiser section in (modded) Randomised effects.cfg: There are plenty of settings ending in CargoType=None.
In your Tutorial you mention the possibility to have "Ammo" instead of "None". This triggers some questions:
1. Are there other options besides Ammo/None?
2. How many "None's" is it advisable to replace by Ammo (or something else/what?)?
3. Surely there'll be some danger of overdoing it?
4. Would/could the effects be unpredictable, "silly"?
5. Is it advisable at all to fiddle with the CargoType settings?
6. Similarly, is it advisable to fiddle with the "COMMAND DECK|Critical=No" settings, ie. changing some of them into "Yes".

And my last question (for now): IIRC there was some "Catastrophic_explosion" effect in your earlier Hollywood versions, and I can't (easily) find any such beast in the Chaos mod settings.
Could this be inserted in the present file in place of say "Splinter_explosion" or "Fire_big"? Any idea what might happen? Something funny? http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/59.gif

Plenty of questions, but you asked for it by making this stuff so itchingly interesting. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif


04-24-2006, 04:06 PM

cargo types blocks

As NYGM is high hit point based I wanted a way to wear a ship down randomly fast via deckgun. Lets say the hit points for the ship is 2000 and the damage by deck gun is 20. In exactly 100 shots the ship will explode. Now look at my setup


20_PIPE|CargoType=Ammo I have a 5% chance of ammo being a cargo in the pipes.

Each line is a 5% chance as the commander is set to choose one line out of 20.

Add ammo to one and you have 5% of ammo being in that pipe when destroyed.

Other options are fuel but too much of this will cause lag due to the type of graphics for fuel fires.

Yet another is custom, I have not yet fully determined what it does but its there so it does damage.

Also, if you look at the normal random template for pipe, you will see multiplier which by default is set to 1. This multiplies the damage of the cargo (seems that way to me).

Pipe|Armor Level=I|7|7|Y
<span class="ev_code_RED">Pipe|Multiplier=I|1|1|Y</span>

If I then do

<span class="ev_code_RED">Pipe|Multiplier=I|1|3|Y</span>

I get the result of the cargo doing either 1, 2, or 3 times as much damage but I will not know and it will change each time.

In the stock game, there is also a damage radius setting so the damage can spread. NYGM has set this to 1 so damage is only done to that specific location.

So as NYGM only made it possible to sink a ship via shooting at the waterline, it is now possible to get good damage by shooting at the decks. The only things is determining what to shoot at so you naturally will want to shoot at different items to wear the ship down faster. I have a plan for all this but DD first as NYGM v2 is coming soon and may change a lot of stuff making too much work on this side futile.

The stock game hit points system is just a joke.

Now onto the command centre explanation

Some folks (ME) wanted the NYGM to be slightly more forgiving and to include chance/luck and unknown as it was that in real life, not just mathematical e.g. The Hood.

When making a area critical, its destruction will set of a catastrophic explosion and destroys everything on the ship.

The command deck was an example to illustrate its use. Again one line represents 5% so if I say yes on one line, there is a 5% chance of by destroying the command deck, the rest of the ship will go. This is how the fuel bunker and ammo works.

If you look into the zones.cfg you will also see a line called critical chance which is the default way of introducing good/bad luck in a fixed number system.


0_COMMAND DECK|Critical=Yes <span class="ev_code_RED">now I have a 5% chance</span>
1_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
2_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
3_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
4_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
5_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
6_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
7_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
8_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
9_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
10_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
11_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
12_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
13_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
14_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
15_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
16_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
17_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
18_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
19_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No
20_COMMAND DECK|Critical=No

Now if you think hard enough and get to know each item in the damage model of the game. You can now add probability settings to literally any item.

If I take the radio message from BDU. I can with randomized events, set it so that I have 20% of times it saying "your doing well" 30% times it telling me "We need more results" etc etc.

Or I can simply add 20 different versions of the message and let it just pick a different one now and again.

It is not only a random file, it is also a tool to control the game to our Historical or game play preferences.

It is really easy once you get the basic rules.

Obviously, I just want to see how much variation can be done with the DD attacks and evasion. The fixed number system has gotten a little repetitive for me and no longer challenges me to think out a escape because I know the rules.

With slight but effective and variable randomization, I will no longer know I can just dive to 300ft etc. I will have to play a game of testing the DD abilities and then making a run for it based on what I have learned after its initial attack.

Remember the das boot line

Deeper chief, Deeper

Well SH3 commander already has random crush depths so you may be pushed on the borderline in evading or you may be lucky and get a thermal layer.

Hope this helps you understand it all a little better.

04-24-2006, 05:23 PM
Thanks for fast reply. While waiting for it, I made some changes, adding ammo here and there, as well as Oil (but I now know from yr reply that that probably didn't do anything, should have been fuel, but I didn't know) plus some Critical=Yes'es.

The result: In a convoy, a Dido, being hit beneath the keel by the 1st out of 2 torps, blew up in a spectacular Hood fashion. The 2nd torp just ploughed into the burning debris. A C2 and a C3 sank more slowly, the other one, "gloriously" engulfed in fire almost all over, being a slow sinker. But not as slow as occasionally in vanilla GW.

Did not have opportunity to test the tweaks with the deckgun yet, as the convoy was protected. In that context, I have yet to re-activate the AP deckgun ammo. The solution for this is in the Basic.cfg file, as pointed out by Mittelwaechter in an other thread.

Your further explanations above are very helpful for tweaking the behaviour further, because I think I overdid my first am. tweaks a little.

Anyway, it's fun to be able to tune the game behaviour to your liking. And you have given us a cool tool for doing it.

I wonder why there is so little "traffic" in this thread, so far. Maybe people think it's more difficult or complex than it actually is.

As I said before, fiddling with the settings and seing what it does is virtually as much fun as playing the game per se.


04-25-2006, 08:24 AM
Now added a basic DD sensor scrambler. Now comes the good luck and bad luck aspect of the game.