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09-07-2008, 10:54 AM
Having read the discussions on this forum re the merits of various joysticks I find my choice of replacement for my inadequate logitech attack 3 is going to be a relatively cheapo thrustmaster afterburner 2 thingie with separate throttle, or lashing out for a ch fighterstick and waiting till I can afford a separate throttle, then rudder pedals. ( incidentally, can you use car racing game pedals as rudder pedals?) If I go for the fighterstick, how would you experts recommend I configure the buttons, bearing in mind that I don't currently have a separate throttle? I fly the Tempest, offline only as I'm very much a beginner. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/53.gif

09-07-2008, 11:02 AM
If it were me, I'd get the Afterburner, then some CH pedals. Get the throttle later.

09-07-2008, 03:57 PM
i used the pedals to my sidewinder racing wheel as a rudder control for years. its just as good as pedals. now having picked up a cheap set of CH pedals from ebay it took some getting used to but are just as precise, but just a little more comfy due to the lower spring tension to actuate for those planes without rudder trim. also having brakes with rudder control is a plus.

09-07-2008, 04:14 PM
A guide has been written to answer your very question and it has nice illustrations. You can find it here:



09-08-2008, 04:07 AM
Note that the CH Fighterstick is not a twisty, you would need Pedals or some form of rudder axis elsewhere.

I've just got a Fighterstick to replace my X-52 stick, and button-wise, everything tends to go on the multiple hats, with push to talk on the pinkie, pickle button on the big red one at the back of the stick (i.e. facing you) Remember to use the 'high grip' to operate that one.

It's difficult to give an idea of where everything is best to be. It's personal preference. Obv. with TrackIR and an X-52 throttle, there are more buttons (or Hat assignments) than I really need, especially to fly a Tempest (which is what I fly, amily online.)

Would you not think about getting an X-52? You can get one for the same price as a CH FS only, and then save up for a CH stick and pedals afterwards. The X-52 throttle itself is superb. I wasn't keen on the stick itself, but it lasted me 3 years of admittedly fairly light duties before I decided I needed more precision.

09-08-2008, 05:06 AM
I made a nice rudder script for a CH prods JS to use the sideways movement of the hat for a rudder. Works fairly nice and I'll share it.

09-08-2008, 09:02 AM
Chris, please go ahead and post the code here for your rudder script and I will include it in my Newbie's Guide to IL2 Joystick Setups, and give you credit for it.


09-08-2008, 11:17 AM
Here I go.

This rudder script for CH Products JoySticks allows for an analog rudder assigned to a hat. One can simply create a new profile to try the script out and see how it behaves in the test/calibrate screen.

I want to thank Bob C at CH Hangar for some of the initial help with the "Firstscan" part of the script.

Just a note:
-I use a CH Combatstick and use the 4-way hat Buttons B8 - B10 for the rudder.
-The CMS Axis defined is CMS Axis 3.
-B21 is the center position of the Combatstick 4-way hat. Other hats will have a different number for thier center positions.
-The axis can be assigned in IL-2 via the controls menu were you assign analog devices (sliders-axis).
-JS1.B4 is my shift button and I put in a NOT statement to ignore the script if B4 is held.
-What is unique about this script is that it goes full rudder L-R and then slowly moves back to center position on button release. This prohibits the snap back effect of the plane suddenly jerking back to center on release of buttons.
-Another neat characteristic is that if you can also to switch rudder immediately from one direction to the other without having to slowly move it all the way to the desired position.


// Rudder Initial Centering
CMS.A3 = 128;

//Incase Immediate Change in Rudder Direction Needed.

WAIT( JS1.B8); //Sets AXIS-3 to Center Immediatly
CMS.A3 = 128;

WAIT( JS1.B10); //Sets AXIS-3 to Center Immediatly
CMS.A3 = 128;

//Moves Rudder Left or Right

TIMER ( INTERVAL, D1, 1, 1 ) = JS1.B8 AND NOT JS1.B4;
TIMER ( INTERVAL, D2, 1, 1 ) = JS1.B10 AND NOT JS1.B4;
IF ( D1 ) THEN
CMS.A3 = CMS.A3 - 1;
IF ( D2 ) THEN
CMS.A3 = CMS.A3 + 1;


IF ([CMS.A3 > 255]) THEN
IF ([CMS.A3 < 0]) THEN

// First set up an interval timer to generate the clock
// ticks. The timer is active when the hat is centered.
// The js1.b21 reference is hat center.
TIMER( INTERVAL, D3, 1, 5 ) = JS1.B21;

// Now see if the timer ticked

// If it's too high, drop it by 1
IF([ CMS.A3 > 128 ]) THEN
CMS.A3 = CMS.A3 - 1;

// If it's too low, increase it by 1
IF([ CMS.A3 < 128 ])THEN
CMS.A3 = CMS.A3 + 1;


09-09-2008, 12:17 PM
yea Im new to IL-2 and flight simming but I can tell you that the X-52 stick isn't exactly perfect. Kind of sloppy feeling in that its very light to the touch. The pounds per inch of pressure necessary to move it are like... a prodigious toddler could fly it no problem.

I like the throttle tons though. Its really very nice. The rotaries are excellent trimmers as long as you set up a sensitivity band for them since by default they are way overly sensitive. The throttle has a very nice feel and there are tons of buttons to map stuff to. Fact is that I've mapped almost all the necessary IL-2 functions to a single mode (of the 3 available) and the majority of them are on the throttle. I haven't used all the stick buttons.

Long term plan is as follows pour moi: Get TrackIR/Freetrack, then rudder pedals (thinking saitek for wider stance), then upgrade my stick to a CH Fighterstick while keeping the excellent x-52 throttle.

X-52 in Canada retails at lowest $105. In the US off Newegg or something I think you can get it for like $85.

09-09-2008, 03:08 PM
P.Funk, you can strengthen the spring on the stick by sticking one or two foam circles (the ones you get in dvd/cd spindles) or something similar between the top of the spring and the bottom of the stick handle, works a treat.