View Full Version : So I just finished the game...

11-21-2009, 07:51 AM
...and as Desmond put it perfectly, "What the ****?"

Does Ubisoft really think that is an acceptable ending? I had made a post earlier about how everything story related in this game was weak but I never thought they would reach this low.

Loved the game, not the fifty hours everyone made it out to be but I played over a good twenty (when I say over twenty that could mean I played for seventy hours I'm just sure that I played for at least twenty hours) yeah it was an addicting game but after finishing I find it has no replay value. Before I completed the game I had done all the side missions, all of them outside of Flori (since no missions ran through there, da ****?) 44/50 achievement, never got that Auditore Cape but I only mentioned my achievements to show that I have been DEDICATED to this game.

I think AC2 will be the first game I'll return within the week I bought it that was some crazy big expectations and ****. I heard Dragons Age has over a hundred hours of gameplay so I'm off to greener pastures.