View Full Version : Problem with FLEA MARKET?

06-12-2010, 10:33 AM
I'm doing the flea market assassin contract, I always manage to get the one conspirator while in the square and the other does a runner, I chase him but then he gets out of sight, then the screen gives desync flash, but instead of totaly desyncing memory, it continues as though the second conspirator is still around, I have to manually abort the memory to get out of it.

I also noticed the 5 guards I'd killed in the square were lying on the ground with red/yellow arrows pointing at them as though they are still alive, they even shout at Ezio giving him threats and warnings!

Anyone else had this problem, did you solve it?, if so, how?

06-12-2010, 01:25 PM
There's a few ways it can be done, but my fave is to go round to the right of the big building, up onto the roof, do an air assassinate on the guard patrolling the roof, jump into the haystack. The two conspirators will be walking round the courtyard. Wait in the haystack to see if the one walking behind the other comes close enough to hidden assassinate. If he does, hidden assassinate him, then wait for the other to come round and jump out and get him.

If not, jump out when both have gone by, get the one in back, then run to the other. The other will bolt for the ladder in the far corner or the guarded front entrance. You can also try your luck at double air assassinating both as they walk past the haystack instead of jumping into it, or as they stand and look at the roof guard if he fell, but double air assassinations typically only work if two are standing still side by side.

I won't kid you, I have sometimes had to go up the ladder and chase the 2nd one down on the roof tops, but even with the heavy lag I get with my old P4, I usually manage to catch him.

06-12-2010, 01:40 PM
Thanks for the advice Six_Gun, I got them in the end, but it was the fact that in previous attempts one gets away, just vanishes, but the game does not seem to know this, I have to manually abort the memory, then there are the dead guards lying around saying how they are going to get me, or don't let him get away, you know the game still registers the guards alive because of the arrows and the fact you cannot loot the bodies.