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Originally posted by smiler_16:
Well guys, i am sure many of you have read all over the web that Driver is worse than GTA, which dissapoints me to read, but what do you think the Driver series needs to be a GTA beater?

Well obviously it needs multiplayer, and not just for the entertainment, but so people would go out and buy it instead of downloading it

But other than multiplayer i would suggest, the obvious stuff that is a new requiurement of this new generaton and that is better Physics and less animations.

this is because the Driver games best feature is the crashing, and if the game is based around driving, then people would want to crash even more, so that would make a huge difference in the success

and maybe even give the players more access to different vehicle types, such as, Quad bikes, Planes, Helicopters, Motocrossers, Off roaders (4x4s) and even the small things that would be entertaining enough to keep people busy, like a Forklift truck which i would enjoy using to pick up cars and move them around lol, and maybe they could add some odd vehicles like Trikes (3 wheeled motorbikes) which with all of these i think the Driver series would make you want to "DRIVE"

and i think that one of the things that plays a big part in the GTA series is, the Comedy, in the cutscenes, radio adverts, shop names, billboards, pictures ect.

so what do you think would play a big part in the Driver series and help it to get a bigger name than the GTA series.

I think in order to "beat" GTA4, it needs to stop trying to beat GTA4. Meaning create another genre of driving, don't try to do everything like GTA, really expand on the "stunt driving hollywood chase theme" like no game before, to the point it becomes a new genre of gameplay.

The last thing I want to see when I load up Driver 4 is "drive here, drive there, follow this car carefully" missions. I want full octane, seat of your pants, action-packed chase missions filled with tons of stunts and freedom to keep the chase going long after you've lost sight of your enemy, provided the GPS system is still tracking them somewhere on the giant map, allowing you to "HUNT" them down again.

I don't want to replay Driver 1, 2, Driver 3 or DPL again, only with better graphics. That's a recipe for failure. Innovate what it means to be an awesome driving game.

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Well if you're one of those guys who "Judges a book by its cover", then you'll be saying that GTA should ONLY be about car stealing, and not about strip clubs, eating food, and working out. So I guess people nowadays (most of them) are getting very "Stupid" and "Lazy" (no offense) to read the title of a game to see what it has to offer. So I think the next Driver should actually have all the fun things you can do in GTA:SA and IV, plus with improvements and things GTA missed (like the deepest in vehicle customization, a realistic dashboard view when you drive, etc). Now if Ubisoft-Reflections can really try to do this (I know it's a big leap), then you've got yourself a "GTA-Beater" and a "Great Game".

Some things I DON'T want to see in the next Driver game that GTA already has include:
*Stupid sex-related, drug-related, and criminal-related comedy, humor, and double entendres
*Fictional places
*Cursing at pretty much every second (as if the game and people in the game have tourettes)
*Manditory cop killing

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Driver should have many things that are necessary for a game. For instance, the ability to drive is obviously important, but defending one's self is also an important thing in the world of crime. Therefore, on-foot should definitely stay.

The things which are of little to no importance are often side missions and those little things found throughout the game. It's true that you can go about and find even more fun in a product of yours, but then you'd be missing the point of why it is also important to have enough understanding or, in other words, self-expression, included. When you think more deeply than what is right there, you're actually becoming open-minded because you're forcing yourself to look further and beyond the horizon as to what the game has to offer. Basically, you're putting everything into context for you to understand how life goes on in reality. And whether we like it or not, we will often find ourselves day-dreaming or just thinking suddenly about the games which we've enjoyed so much after having played them. By not understanding them, and, more importantly, by developers not addressing the issues of society that very much relate to the characters, story, and the world surrounding the game, it makes it a waste of time to spend any time thinking about those games.

I don't want Driver to look for so much freedom that it drives those many spots in which it has needed improvement, down to the ground. Improvement of existing elements is the most necessary, as is the removal of elements that just have little to no relevance in a game. GTA IV made the right decision of focusing a lot more on interacting with pedestrians and characters in the game, in exchange for removing the many customizations that you've found in GTA:SA because that's how you put all the pieces together. You do it by thinking more clearly about your whole concept and taking away as many elements straying from it as possible. While GTA IV did improve in a lot of ways, it didn't change for the better in every way because it doesn't give us enough self-expression--it doesn't portray realistic enough consequences of being a bad guy as much as Mafia was able to do.

Reflections needs to fine tune as much of the linear experience as possible, first. Many things like animations, physics, uses of weapons, driving skills, and other things which make their ways often along the lines of the story as important. The story must be strong in that it is very realistic, depicting the reality of being a good guy. It can also take a huge step forward by allowing you to be the bad guy as another choice. But if it does so, the two must contrast and compare with one another in ways that you'd expect them to be, when looking at reality. Driver has always been more realistic than any GTA game in the world, except DPL, which felt very much like a GTA game and was less serious in its theme. It needs to do this again, but it must do it extremely well. Each time that I pick up Driver 4, I want to learn the real world of crime and driving. There need to be things that are good and things that are depicted as bad to choose for yourself to do in a certain situation. D4 can offer action adventure elements (driving, shooting, and some necessary simulation elements,--not things to do when away from the story, but things that further complicate the story, much like your stamina (how long your energy to do anything lasts), your strength (how powerful your melee attacks are), your speed (how fast you can run), etc. By adding these elements, it'll make it feel like a real world filled with crime. Also, remove the ways of how you get out of chases and what happens during these chases, trading it in for ways that are a lot more closer to that of how law enforcement reacts and acts in reality.

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One its not a matter of "beating" GTA. Its a matter of making a good game (Full stop). And making people want to drive is an interesting point. It should appeal instead of saying right dont have on foot it will distract. Make people want to drive instead of do it out of bordom.

And another thing, Driver arnt making a GTA game. GTA is not a genre. People NEED to realise that