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<span class="ev_code_BLUE">Chapter One</span>

Hot tears roll down my cheek as I run away from the battle hoping, wishing, I could reach a safe point before I was captured.
I look over my shoulder.
Good no ones following me. I thought.
I lean against a tree and catch my breath.
My legs ache and there's a sharp pain in my side.
I take deep rattling breaths as the cool night air turns my tears and sweat cold.
Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!
Somebodies running toward me!
I hide behind the tree, hoping, praying, he doesn't find me.
A man, around fifty years old, runs up from behind.
I spin on my heels and stare at him for a moment, then my hand reaches up to his neck and there's a clap of thunder.
His eyes turn black, completely black.
And so do mine.
I remove my hand and he falls to his knees.
"Command me confessor." says the man.
"Why did you follow me?" I ask.
"The General told us we were to find you at any cost." says the man, "Have I displeased you Mistress?"
"Very." I say, my eyes and tone sharp, "Alert the others that you've found me, and that I'm dead." I order.
"Yes Confessor."
Using the extra time, I start running.
My heart beating I finally find a shelter.
A tree with long, weeping branches, that sweep the ground form a little "house"
I step inside.
As soon as the branches sweep back to their spots I stand in complete darkness.
Laying on the ground I stay alert, ready to jump up and fight at any movement.
Rabbits and other woodland creatures hop around outside, and somewhere above a wood****** pecks the tree.
I hear the sound of battle die down and troops upon troops marching away.
They must have believed I'm dead. I think.
Closing my eyes I try to sleep but I can't.
My stomach growls for food.
I haven't eaten in two days.
I notice some dried berries by the skirt of the branches.
Picking them up I examine them.
Sunburst berries! My favorite!
I pick one that looked somewhat still juicy and take a bite.
My eyes close from the sour taste.
I forgot! Sunburst berries turn sour a summer's night after they're picked!
But I force myself to finish every last one.
I need the energy.
My stomach feels a bit better but my mouth feels dry and it begs for water.
Closing my eyes again I fall asleep.
The wind whistles through the branches but, somehow, I manage to stay warm.
Must be the fires from the battle.
The weren't that far away...
The white dress I wear also helps.
It flows to the ground, touching my feet when I stand, acting as a blanket while I lay.
My eyes popping open I hear the sound again.
Crunch! Crunch!
I quickly and silently rise to my feet.
I wrap my hand around a silver dagger hidden inside my black boots.
Pulling the branches of the tree back a teeny bit, I see a man.
Probably in his twenties, eating a fresh honey crisp apple.
His hair is brown, streaked with gold, and he wears blue and brown forest garb.
I slowly walk out of the protection the tree provided.
Careful to not walk on the leaves and in the moon's rays.
I follow a path of wet pine needles that seem to twist around behind the man.
A few minutes later I stand behind him.
He doesn't notice me and for that I am grateful.
Taking his arm I twist it behind his back.
The apple he was eating drops to the ground and he whirls around to face me.
"Let go of me you crazy loon!" he says.
I glare into his eyes.
"Why! You knew I was here! You were waiting for me!" I reply.
"Why would I be waiting for you?! I don't even know who you are!" He exclaims.
Feeling his truthfulness I drop his arm.
He rubs his wrist where I was holding him. I had left a mark.
"Sorry." I said meekly, shuffling my feet.
He sighs then says, "It's okay."

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