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K-21 left base on 03.04.43, return due to malfunction of stern hydroplanes and left base again 04.04.43. It was 9th patrol of K-21. Submarine had order to lay 20 mines €œEP€ in Lopphavet, then to go Andfjorden for unrestricted actions against warships and shipping. If during 6 days no targets were found, K-21 should go to position #2 (between S¸r¸ya & Fugl¸ya). 06.04 K-21 laid her mines NO Loppa (later Soviet historians claimed two transports sank on this barrage, but it seems incorrect). 09.04 Lunin attack with 6 torpedoes "destroyer type Karl Galster" west of S¸r¸ya, heard 2 detonations (some other men heard 3 detonations) and assumed what "destroyer" sank. In reality torpedoes missed minelayer Brummer with 5 escort ships, 2 torpedoes observed by Germans and 6 depth charges dropped. Submariners don€t heard d/c explosions; probably they confused these explosions with own torpedoes detonation. Same day Lunin has received the order to penetrate into Harstad area, "if there will be favorable conditions". 12.04 commander concluded that "conditions unfavorable" because long light part of day prevented surface actions in this defended area.
At 13:00 12.04 near cape Andenes in bad visibility (fog, periodical snowfall) watchman find out masts. Submarine had plunger. At 13:50 Lunin saw in periscope one motorboat. He accounts this vessel as German antisubmarine boat and decides to surface, to destroy this motorboat by gunfire and to take some prisoners. After surfacing crew found that submarine was among "flotilla" of motorboats. At 14:09 K-21 opened gunfire. (A bit later wave has washed off Alexey Labutin. Submariners tried to save him, but couldn€t find and assumed that he died in cold water). At all 4 motorboats sank, one more damaged and from 6th boat took entire crew (7 men). And only then Lunin understood that fired not Germans but Norwegian fishermen. Causes of confused recognition were bad visibility and former experience.
(19.01.42 K-21 in Lopphavet finds out one fishermen€s boat, which dropped nets. Commander assumed, that those are "antisubmarine signal nets", and took an evasive maneuver, but near submarine begin to explode depth charges. During 2 hours 45 minutes motorboats, as commander assumed, dropped 86 depth charges. I think K-21 19.01.42 in reality met German UJ- or Vp-Boote. In KTB der Seekriegsleitung I find only one A/S attack 19.01.42: "Das fdl. Uboot im Groetsund wurde ergebnislos von eigenem Flugzeug angegriffen". Of course one aircraft can€t drop 86 depth charges. Only K-21 was in this area 19.01.42).
Returning to 12.04.1943. Command of submarine brigade hasn€t approved this attack. Soviet submariners had no reasons to attack Norwegian fishermen. One of the most items of Soviet propaganda in those times was "solidarity with the workers of all countries", and many films, books, etc pressed this idea to the minds of Soviet people.
One question remains why Lunin doesn€t released 7 fishermen? It was some situations with taken peoples to Soviet submarines from sea during WW2. No one man was ever released from submarine. I think that instructions forbade doing it in any case. Another question that NKVD acted with those people€¦
Lunin is well-known submariner in Russia due to his attack on Tirpitz 05.07.1942.
Cruiser submarine (XIV series) K-21 had displacement 1487/2102 tons (surfaced/submerged), 22/10 kts, 97,6 meters long, 10 x 21" torpedo tubes (6 bow, 4 stern) (24 torpedoes at all), 20 moored mines "EP", two 100-mm cannons and two 45-mm AA guns, crew 62. Now this submarine is preserved as memorial in Severomorsk.

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Interresting read!
Do you have any information about the fate of the 7 norwegian fishermen?


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From the vessell "Skreien" from Gryllefjord the entire crew, 7 men brougth aboard K-21 and were taken to Polarjarnyj outside Murmansk.
In Murmansk the fishermen were interogated, and were offered a)to join the russian army b) enlist as NKVD partisans. One norwegian from "Skreien", Rasmus Rydningen, aged 17 chose the latter, and was enlisted into the naval partisan group "Fleet gruop 4090" located at the Lavna camp.
The 6 others refused this and was sent to working camps in sibir, only 3 survived and returned to Norway after the war, the other 3 died of starvation and diseases in the gulag camp.

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Thanks for posting the story http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

It was certainly a tragic incident. It must have been very frightening for the 7 fisherman to be captured and taken into a Russian submarine.

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Thanks for the info. I've never heard about that incidence before. The russians really had strange ways of treating their allies. I find it even strange that they released the three surviving norwegians after the war. For the russians it must have been easier to just let them disappear.


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Dunno, the official stories always smell fishy to me....

But these definitions might explain a lot about "official" versions of events:

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