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11-21-2010, 12:55 PM
Okay I'm not sure if the developers read or are aware of these forums, but here I am, hoping they can take in some good input.

First off, great game. I loved Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and I haven't taken it out of my xbox since I've bought it. However, I noticed some little things that could make the game much more realistic and much better. Please take them into consideration. Here's the list.

I noticed, in all the Assassin's Creed games, the days have always been clear. I also noticed in the last one you guys have developed a unique shadow system using the clouds with the sun. What I'm looking for is random weather. Every now and then it would be awesome to see it rain. You guys already have the "wet assassin" after he gets out of the water, so just use that when it begins to rain. Also, fog. It would be even better to have fog come in during a mission, making it much harder to see your targets in plain sight, more of a challenge if you ask me.

Now here's the thing, the notoriety deal is really good, and I play in full notoriety a lot to challenge myself. However, while playing through the story, it's not only a big pain to get up on the ROOF to get a wanted poster that is supposed to be for everybody to view. Don't you think? I know you're just trying to make it more challenging, having to go on the rooftops to get them, but honestly, who is going to go on the rooftops to view the wanted posters? Please keep them at ground level, which leads to my next idea on this subject.

Instead of making it challenging for us to climb things, instead maybe set a few civilians next to the poster. Maybe a civilian passing nearby or is standing in that area sees you ripping a poster down, and immediately runs to tell the guards, comprimising your anonymous status, you can choose to stay and kill the informed guards, or you can get out of that immediate area while the civilian is running to the nearest guards. I think that would be more fun.

First off, I love the new assassin idea. I have no idea what's in store for the new game, but I truly do wish you could keep them, but here's one thing I noticed that would be a bit better.

They work just fine, but you know how they run away soon after they assassinate a target or get into a fight? Instead, just make it to where after they do their action, they can follow you like a thief would. When you're not targeting anybody, you can then hit the LB or L1 button to send them away, and then the bar will start to recharge. However while they're following you, they can help you when you get into a fight, or you can send those 2 assassins after another target or into another fight from afar.

Well that's all I have for now. I understand games are a pain to make work properly but if you could get these ideas to work they would be great, and make the Assassin's Creed experience much more enjoyable. If Ubisoft wants anymore good ideas I'm always coming up with more, and you have my e-mail. And if anybody agrees with what I have offered on this page, feel free to post a comment to agree with these ideas. Thank you.

11-21-2010, 04:00 PM
i loved your ideas, i had a few that are similar. if you place this message on the assassin's creed brotherhood feedback maybe they will be more likely to see this message. if u do and u have time plz read my message and if u get anymore ideas place them on the forum.

11-21-2010, 04:05 PM
Whatever it is, it needs to really address questions and plot holes. There needs to be a lot of explanation about the modern plot line before it just gets too abused and overwhelmed.

11-21-2010, 04:27 PM
I understand what you're saying entirely with the story. This is what I have come up with:

I believe they are compounding desmond's story (The big story) with the assassins. As you play as Altair and Ezio, possibly even more assassins later on, you're also learning more about Desmond. They are taking their time with Desmond and I'm glad they do.

Think about it this way. What do we know about Desmond? He has ancestors that are assassins, he's an assassin himself, he likes motorcycles, and he once owned a bar.

While we're learning the history of his ancestors, we're slowly moving more into time. In Altair's story, it was around 1211 AD, now we're with Ezio, which moved from the late 1400's to the 1500's. The next assassin will be moving into a more modern state. After several games has come out, not only will the story reveal more of Desmond's story, but also we'll be learning as to Desmond himself has come to be where he is today. I honestly do believe by the time they come close to an end, Desmond will be moving in the modern cities assassinating different Abstergo employees and chairmen. So be patient, and let things unfold in due time.

Another good idea which I forgot to mention earlier, is the co-op mode. I know it's hard to do with the graphics taking up so much content. Here's my ideas to keep the content down as much as possible and to have co-op included. Here's my two ideas.

1. Make a co-op mode itself that you can access like a multiplayer mode, that offers a variety of quests that can be linked to actual historical events, or just make them an extra part of the game.

2. When the partner joins your game, or you join theirs, make it to where they can wander in the hideout, mansion, whatever it may be. From there, you can access missions that the main character has already completed before re-accessing that memory.

I know that Ezio is training new assassins, so it would be a perfect oppourtunity to take that idea and put it into the next game. Perhaps you could choose between a male or female assassins, or even better, customize your own "Henchman Assassin" to play when you have joined a co-op game, not to break any historical rules, and it also keeps the "Customized Hero" that you play in the single player game down to low content. Although it would be awesome having two Ezio's running around taking care of things, games just can't handle that kind of content without some major drawbacks.

Please feel free to comment on this topic if you agree, and please feel free to post some more ideas on here. Thanks

11-21-2010, 05:46 PM
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