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03-20-2007, 01:27 PM
Hi I downloaded this but cant understand how to work it.Can anyone tell me ...
Does it only work in online missions?
Do I have to edit conf.ini file ?What do I have to change?
Do I have to extract it to the new 1946 folder?
Any other tips?Do you have to set a TIME eg 2 mins or more to record over?

04-16-2007, 01:56 AM
Hi All, not not sure that someone has already worked this out but I couldn't get Strmolog to work for 1946, works for the original Il2 and Forgotten Battles. with this in mind I had a look at what Sturmolog changes to work with the older games.

1. In the conf file it changes the log entries from 0 to 1
2.in the RCU file adds the line:
@file dosturmlog
3 it adds the two files called dosturmlog into the game folder.

So with this info I changed my conf lines to:


I added a line my RCU file so i now reads :

@set fast off
@set echo on
@set alias on
@set history 20
@file dosturmlog
@alias a alias
@a h history
@a s show

I copied the two dosturmlog file from my old Il2 folder and pasted them into the 1946 folder.

A quick visit to a busy Hyperlobby server was then done as a test.

I ran sturmolog and browsed from my old Il2 folder to the 1946 folder and selected the log file that 1946 made, and there was all the stats from the game I had logged onto.

Job done I think.

I later added a shortcut in my original Il2 folder to the 1946 folder to speed up log browsing.

In conclusion sturmologt won't automaticaly configure as with the older Il2 .exe files but works if the above is followed.

Hope I am not going over old ground guys


04-16-2007, 02:18 AM
A simple trick to get Sturmolog to work is to go to the game folder copy and paste the IL2FB.exe into some other folder, rename it to "IL2.exe" and then putting it back into the game folder (Sturmolog always searches for an IL2.exe instead of IL2FB.exe). When starting Sturmolog up for the first time point it towards this new .exe and you're good to go.