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06-14-2011, 03:57 AM
The short, can I play UPlay enabled games without logging into UPlay?

The long; I'm frustrated with UPlay. I just got AC, AC2, and ACB for PC after enjoying them on my friend's XBox versions. Now on PC, I have to have an internet connection in order to access a product that I PAID for. If I don't have access to one, I'm **** out of luck. Okay, I get this. Pirates.

EXCEPT now I have to remember an incomprehensible user name to log in and my save log in info feature doesn't work. Nor can I change my username on the website or access UPlay rewards. Also, when I click on UPlay help, it sends me to unrelated UPlay promotion videos. I don't care how good it can be, I know how fallible it is right now. I need help information and it's sparse and difficult to navigate through (website). Not mentioning the help doesn't even list PC. Just Xbox 360 and PS3. But UPlay is in beta. I understand. There will be problems.

EXCEPT unless I'm connected to the internet,and therefore UPlay, my progress will not be saved. So I just lost HOURS of gameplay. I'm back at sequence 4 after making it to sequence 10. That's not fun. It's frustrating to redo something over and over again expecting different results. Hell, I think a new game trailer by Ubisoft mentions something about that. Okay, my fault. I should make sure my internet connection is bloody perfect every god damn time and turn off online storage even if it doesn't keep that config.

EXCEPT the crazy thing is that I have friends who pirated these games and they deal with NONE of this crap. I try very hard to convince them to actually buy games but they see me struggling to START up a game I PAID for and are GLAD they didn't drop a dime. Some of the rewards are just stupid. More knives? More Gun Capacity? Why are these redeemable? Shouldn't they be in the game? They're not even that useful nor do I want them. It's like there is a struggle for redeemable content. It's lazy. Some games are just unlockables and no content now. These reward system are going in to the dumb zone. I look over at those darn evil pirates and they have everything. Okay. I get it. Don't compare a perfectly legal company with "evil" hackers.

EXCEPT if I cancel my UPlay account, I LOSE MY UBISOFT ACCOUNT AND KEYS TO THE GAME. So I'm forced to use a buggy "service" to access a product I paid for and if I don't want this service, I lose everything. Just a generic and hollow "sorry" followed by a, "we got your money haha" to cushion the blow. A good way to turn me off buying games.

I can actually take all of the bad because I understand why it's implemented. I just want to know if there is a way to play the games I purchased without logging into UPlay? If not, at least give me the option. All this log in to play is frustrating. I don't care about auto updates or latest twitter. I'm not so incapable to find updates when needed nor interested in tweets from people I don't give a flying wooden pig about. I enjoy the games and believe the creators should be commended and rewarded for it. But all this crap, on all platforms, makes me want to turn to the dark side. I bought the game because I want to play the game. I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME. NO BULLCRAP. ARE YOU LISTENING, UBISOFT?

06-14-2011, 04:20 PM
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