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11-18-2010, 08:45 PM
So much of the hype for this game stemmed from the multiplayer ability to gank with friends, hell they even got that guy from the Daily Show to do short videos about it! So my best friend and I finally got to game together tonight...what a letdown.

We start a XBLA party. Private chatting, etc. We do an alliance match, 2v2v2. It's my friend's first online match, so he's learning the ropes and we finish second. Great, he has a good last minute run, is really into the multi now. We start another game. No one joins. We restart...um...we have to reform the party??? There is no lobby ability, as there is in every other multi game that's hot right now. Ok, so I reinvite him...

We get into another game...and now we're on separate teams!??! There is no priority for friends/party members to be on the same freakin team?!?!

So now my friend is totally dissapointed and doesn't want to play anymore...am I blind to the lobby thing? Why is there no priority for friends/party members to be on the same team? I know this isn't the most concise rant but I hope someone at Ubi will realize this kind of sullies the multi for a lot of RL friends or those that game together often...

11-18-2010, 11:18 PM
That's funny because I couldn't even play with my friends what's the point of empty slots if they can't join them we still haven't played together so I'm disappointed least there's the campiagn to keep me busy

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