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11-18-2004, 02:06 PM
I thought I read in one of the threads that we are getting the Northrop P-61 in the next patch. Is there anyone out there who would love to fly this plane besides myself? How would the radar work (in the sim) for night missions since is was a night fighter/bomber?

11-18-2004, 02:44 PM
Ummm I don't think the P-61 is coming in the next patch or anytime soon. Oleg already mentioned that modeling radar, as implemented in the Bf-110 nightfighters and the P-61 was not accounted for at all in the game engine. So its doubtful that it would be implemented (but they did add carriers http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif). I think the word was that radar would be done for BoB.

In any case...I haven't seen or heard of a P-61 being completed anytime soon.

11-18-2004, 04:33 PM
mean looking aeroplane the P61 http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

didnt they have problems with the top turrent ?

11-18-2004, 05:13 PM
You mean turret? (there is no word in the english language that is turrent)

Yeah I think the plan was to have it as an electrically operated swivel mount. I don't remember the circumstances but I think it may have caused some instability in the airflow or some sort of trouble like that and they just fixed it firing forward.

Awesome firepower. With 4 50cal and 4 20mm.

11-18-2004, 07:48 PM
P 61s had huge wings and could outturn corsairs and hellcats with ease, with its 5ft manuvering flaps out...

The turret induced tail buffeting in the XP-61

13 YP-61s had strentghened turrets with only 2 x 50 cal

The first 37 P-61 As had the 4x50 cals, the remaining 163 of the A production batch had no turret

It was found that with the turret removed, despite the weight savings, top speed was only 3 mph more

P-61 A-1 (45 made) had P$W R-2800-10 engines of 2000hp

P-61 A-5 (35 made) had R-2800-65 of 2250hp

P-61 A-10 (100 made) had water injection added

P-61 Bs were lengthened by 8 inches for more radar eq and lightweight skin stiffeners in the wing, as the skin was prone to wrinkling during high speed flight or high G manuvers. Bs also had auto cowl flaps, "night binoculars" and cartridge ejection doors for the cannon was deleted

The first 200 Bs still did not have the turret, until the B-15 (45 made) and these were later fitted to earlier versions in the field

The P-61 B-20 introduced an improved turret and fire control system by General Electric

The P-61 Cs had engines uprated to the R-2800-73 with General Electric CH-5 turbosuperchargers giving 2800hp, and added curtiss-electric "paddle" type props, and airbrakes above and below the wings to keep from overshooting tgts at night intercepts

41 Cs were made before VJ day, the remaining 476 on order were cancelled

The C was not well regarded by pilots, as even with more power, the increased weight of the C made it sluggish in manuvers, compared to the As and Bs

The rear plexiglass in all models could and would detatch during high G manuvers, and a placard was placed inside warning crew to never sit on it during flight (!)

The 4 x 50 cal weapons had 560 rpg, and 20mms had 200 rpg....turrets were usually locked forward

XP-61 E (2 made) was converted from a B, to make a long range escort fighter out of the night fighter...turret and "turtledeck" was eliminated, and extra fuel tanks, 4 x 50 cal in the wings, and a blown canopy, the largest one made to date, was fitted...was cancelled, as P51s and the P 47 N then in the pipeline met long range escort needs

XF-15 (1 made) was the XP-61 E stripped of weapons and cameras added to the nose to make a recce variant

F-15 A "Reporter" was the same as the XF-15, but with the R-2800-73 engines fitted...only 36 of 175 ordered were finished before cancellation of contract

XP-61 empty weight 19,245 lbs
loaded " 28,870 lbs
max speed 370 mph
cruise " 200 mph
ceiliing 33,000 ft
ROC 2900fpm
range 1200 mi

YP-61 EW 21,910 lbs
LW 28,830 lbs
MS 370 mph
CS 200 mph
C 33,000 ft
ROC 2900 fpm
R 1200 mi

P-61 A-5 EW 20,965 lbs
LW 32,400 lbs
MS 369 mph
CS 222 mph
C 33,100 ft
ROC 2700 fpm
R n/a

P-61 B EW 23,450 lbs
LW 36,200 lbs
MS 330 mph
CS 225 mph
C 33,100 ft
ROC 2550 fpm
R 610 mi

P-61 C EW 24,000 lbs
LW 40,300 lbs
MS 430 mph
CS 307 mph
C 41,000 lbs
ROC 2600 fpm
R 1725 mi

P-61 E EW 21,350 lbs
LW 40,181 lbs
MS 376 mph
CS n/a
C 30,000 ft
ROC 2500 fpm
R 2250 mi

F-15 A EW n/a
LW 32,190 lbs
MS 440 mph
CS 315 mph
C 41,000 ft
ROC n/a
R 4000 mi

60% of Black Widow operations actually took place during daylight hours

Too bad about radar ops, would be easy to jury-rig it so that the mini map basically acts as, albiet not a historically accurate one, a practical radar, with any types not equipped with radar denied use of the mini map