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05-30-2011, 11:49 AM
When I attempt to start a new game for singleplayer, I receive a graphical glitch to where every model in the game disappears, and all I am able to see is the hud and the sky-like background simply all around me. In singleplayer, it occurs right after the entry video. The server walks over with the phone.. But as soon as the camera angle changes, the glitch occurs.

I tried going straight into playing Deniable Ops, in which it all worked in-game for about 1 1/2 minutes - until the "sky view" occurred. Again, hud and sound works fine, simply every model in the game disappears.

05-30-2011, 12:59 PM
Originally posted by Hughes24thMEU:
Graphical Glitch/Bug.

IF you are using an ATI Graphics Card, then you can try doing the following:

Under ATI's CCC (Catalyst Control Center), try increasing the value of 'Mipmap Detail Level' setting, under the 3D section. Move/increase the slider to the right side to QUALITY Mode, and then check the in-game graphics. If you increase the value of 'Mipmap Detail Level', then the Textures should look more detailed/sharp.

Also make sure All the settings under 3D section (e.g. Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering etc.), are set to the 'Use application settings' option.

And also 'disable' the setting Catalyst A.I, (TICK the 'Disable Catalyst A.I.' box), this is important !

Do you have the 'iZ3D driver' installed ? If yes, then add the Game's EXE i.e. 'conviction_game.exe' as well as 'gu.exe', to the Exceptions list of iZ3D, or remove this driver from your System.