View Full Version : I Jumped the AI---Fluke or what?

03-30-2006, 07:21 PM
I played a Chaika vs. Average Finn Gladiator II QMB, and, in the midst of the fray, I spied a Glad flying along at low alt apparently looking for action. I slid under him and stitched him radically---all the time stunned I got away with a technical bushwhack on the all-knowing-all-seeing AI. I went back and studied the track and the Glad showed no sign of being damaged prior to my whack. Was this a fluke or is the AI going slack?

03-30-2006, 08:01 PM
I have, on occassion, done this...it seems to be related to either a high speed bounce or a plane that is wounded/rtb or otherwise on some algorithm other than fighting.

A rare and unusual happening...be sure

03-30-2006, 08:17 PM
You can bounce Normal and Rookie pilots at times.

03-30-2006, 08:36 PM
Sometimes if they are RTB ( as the one dude said ) they will be at your mercy. Also, if they are at their base landing they pay no attention to you at all, as if you don't exist. They then proceed to allow you to maul them your heart's content. At the risk of being shot down by their AI, which unlike them, has not fallen asleep.

03-30-2006, 10:59 PM
I am positive this is the first time in nearly two years of constant play I have managed to get into killing range and shoot without being detected. He wasn't near his base or attempting to land. By the way, I didn't kill him---what a screw up!

03-31-2006, 01:23 AM
Heres something too think about how bad the ai is,if you are flying with waypoints on.And you know where your area of operations is,lets say you are going to intercept a formation with bombers and fighter escort.If you are flying with autopilot in formation along the waypoint,and get into battle along the waypoint,then you can almost 99% forget about bouncin the the enemy.But try this fly for your self beyond the waypoint,so you intercept the enemy before he reaches your waypoints.Then you will have a shooting party.It dosent mater if you attack fighter or bombers,they will fly in nice formations straight ahead and do almost nothing.

Sorry for bad spelling or english.

03-31-2006, 02:26 AM
Truly disgusting story, The_Ant. Slaughtering sheep is a drag. Hopefully this will be fixed.