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05-18-2010, 01:19 PM
OK, like it says in the title, this is me just thinking aloud, and it goes a little bit insane, so just bare with me on this one. I'd like to think the mods won't move this to Assassins Creed 3 and beyond, because although this is, for the majority about AC3, it's also unique in that the ideas are, different.

I'm a fan of the whole "twists and turns" theory, and I wanted to highlight something I noticed in the Emails you see in Assassins Creed 1...

Email: "The others and I have finished reviewing the Animus recordings from Subjects 12-16. While the Piece of Eden remains our priority, we must continue working to locate and understand the remaining artefacts. I am sure you can understand our reasoning behind this. Although satellite is accomplished to a fair portion of the work for us, we will certainly need to deal with those who are either immune to - or protected from - its effects.

Note that there is no mention as to what the effects are.

Email: "Philadelphia Project - Data provided from Animus Subject Twelve indicates that the ship briefly manifested in a future state for approximately 18 minutes. It is unclear whether the timeline is consistent with or parallel to our own. Although we have recovered enough data to reconstruct and repair the original artefact used in the experiment, Administration has refused to move forward on the project, citing paradox concerns. Corporate policy remains in place: any objects found to interfere with or manipulate time must be contained. Artefact will be moved to secure storage."

Email: "Grail - We are removing the Grail from our list of objectives. There is insufficient evidence to confirm its existence. Current examination of Subject Seventeen indicates that aside from the Piece of Eden, all other artefacts related to Christ-figure are literary devices (or derived from Piece of Eden) and not actual objects. Even if the object is real, its use to us at this stage is negligible. Our resources are better used elsewhere."

Email: "Mitchell-Hedges Communicators - Analysis of the objects is complete. The good news is that they work. As a result we now have a safe and secure communication channel for use after the launch. However, they are severely limited in number, and so we will be providing them only to our most essential facilities. You will obviously retain possession of the one you have."

OK, here's the idea, feel free to shoot it down, I'm literally typing and thinking at the same time.
The Templars are aware of the impending doom from the sun and are trying to prepare a way to save us.

The satellite mentioned is (as we already know) set to launch on 21st December 2012. This is (as we already know) the same date in which the Mayan calender ends and a cataclysmic event is supposed to occur. In ACs case we can assume it is this solar flair from the sun that will wipe out the Earth.

They mention the Philadelphia project. If they were trying to find a way in which to get humanity out of faze or out of the timeline, then they might be trying to recreate the conditions, piece of Eden and then expand the field... if not protecting the Earth then at least a sizeable amount. Fear of creating a paradox during research is why they stopped, NOT in use.

The Holy Grail is said to have heeling powers. They might have been trying to find it so that, if anyone was injured on the 21st, they could simply heal them and save people.

The Mitchell-Hedges Skulls can be used for instant communication. If the Templars decided that they wanted to instead create safe havens around the Earth, special zones where you would be safe, then they could communicate with each area instantaneously and ensure that everything was going to plan.

The Apple doesn't necessarily HAVE to control people. It creates illusions, makes people see what the holder wants them to see. If the holder wants them to not be afraid and see only an average day, it can be done.

I know this thing has a LOT of holes in it, but I'm curious to see if other people can fill them up and also what you think. I know that it's a little bit... eccentric, but I think I'm trying to half persuade myself that it's going to continue to be the type of game that surprises you to the end, and it's not going to be as predictable as it APPEARS it's going to be after the dodgy AC2 ending...

(Vidic could just be off his high hat and has misinterpreted what the Templars NOW aim to do)

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05-19-2010, 12:53 AM
It's an interesting point of view, that's for sure.

The main question you should ask is whether or not the dev team made AC1 with the events in AC2 in mind. Because if they didn't, it's unlikely there is any correlation between the e-mails and Minerva's prophecy.

05-19-2010, 01:42 AM
I thought dismissing the Grail as a literary convention was an in-joke at the expense of 'Holy Blood & Holy Grail' / Dan Brown-type conspiracy theorists. Remember, it was supposedly that and not an Apple that the Templars supposedly recovered from under Temple Mount (in what passes for reality with these people, not AC1).

05-19-2010, 02:02 AM
Here's a slightly different take.
First the assassins appear to be immune at least in part, anyone that is immune or shows immunity are descendent from the Assassins.
Second, we know the Templars want to control humanity "For their own good" mind you, the sat launch is a way to spread the effect of the Piece of Eden.(maybe requires line of sight, like radiation or sound).
Third, in some of the "Truth" puzzles, some of the Pieces seem to have aspects related to solar radiation or the ability to draw down the sun (the nuke test, Tesla, Tunguska)
Four, if the Templar's are unaware of this, and we're sure they're unaware of the solar threat. (as Borga was knocked out when Ezio/Desmond ran into Minerva) then what may happen is shortly after the Sat is launched (between 8-16 minutes at a guess given light speed and the distance between Sol and Terra) a flare from the Sun will attempt to strike the sat, and in the process will massively damage the Earth.
In relation to the Mitchell-Hedges communicators, that could well be a way for the Templar elite to communicate undetected once the Assassins go on the rampage after the launch