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09-11-2006, 11:12 PM
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To: Vikinggrandad

The 34th Flotilla administration played witness to the unfortunate display of poor manners and disrespectful character assasinations. It was our collective decision to maintain a "no comment" philosophy. As well as prevent any unneccessary thread bumping of what started out as a positve post directed at the growth of a SH3 multiplayer Flotilla. Nevertheless it appears our friends left to thier own device took things to a new level today. I did not personally see the comments, but was alerted to this incident by a member of the SH3 community. I speak on behalf of the leader of the 34th Flotilla Fregattenkapit√¬§n Dietrich and the rest of the membership when I say that we do neither support or condone these types of actions. Nor will we tolerate individuals who choose to administer thier own justice in a public forum setting. Let me say this final note to clear the air of this unsavory business.

I am a Realism unit leader in Red Orchestra FPS. I had 9 members urging me to start up the 2nd Flotilla, but was asked by Fritz to take the 34th under my financial respsonsibilty and had his blessing to assume rights (and i say that tongue & cheek)to the name for which I then personally registered the new official domain name www.34thflotilla.com (http://www.34thflotilla.com) As then my nine members commenced quasi merging with the active membership of the 34th which at that time consisted of 4 people Fritz, Elite, and Dietrich and Hardhans. As you can see by the recent display of conduct it is quite obvious why Dietrich, myself and the majority of the Flotilla could not successfully develop a working relationship with these individuals

We apologize for the drama set upoun the SH3 community by these gentlemen and wish to let it benowen that our intentions here are to promote the greatest subsim out there to it fullist by building a quality organization.

Thank you

Matthias VonHiltz
34th Flotilla

10-05-2006, 02:03 PM
Can I add one small note: could you design a new emblem for the flotilla? The designers of the original never gave permission to use it by you and your flotilla.

10-05-2006, 02:07 PM
what happened recently? I simply told the truth in what happened from my point of view however U-200/EC had no class what so ever in any of his dealings. I gave Von hiltz all rights to the 34th name, what so ever, the emblem to and have nothing against him. we simply could no longer get along. Von Hiltz, we had several more members in the flotilla at the time most were not doing there dutys or U-200 was driving them off. i fil i said nothing extreamly insulting twards you no this forums just the truth about my experiance under your command and take over. i do not know what EC did. i tried to develope a working relationship but you treated me as a lesser command and did not give me any athority pr respect. i was disrespeted by you and when i said something i got yelled at from the 9th ss position. i have nothing more to say on the subject however i do wish you stop breing my name up since i did nothing but try to improve my flotilla.

From what i can see U-200/EC did most of the insulting therefore please stop bring my name up and i will stop breing up yours