View Full Version : Cannot Access Da Vinci DLC

03-25-2011, 09:24 PM
I have the standard hard copy version of the game. When I first installed it and set it up, I redeemed the Da Vinci DLC for 0 points on Uplay.

I have beaten the main missions, and the marker is always present on my minimap (looks like an angel).


When I access the memory, it sends me into the Animus-like loading screen, where you hear those two male voices talking. One of them says that it looks like Ezio is trying to access a memory, while the other says that he is giving Desmond a sedative.


After this, I am stuck in first person in the animus-like loading screen. I can run around, but nothing loads. I also try hitting the "start" button to see if I can bring up the main menu to exit the memory, but that doesn't work.

What is going on? Should I be waiting more than a minute in the loading screen? (Note: there is no "loading" diamond anywhere on screen during this process).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I went on the Ubisoft support website and they have a patch to download that addresses this problem, among others.

I installed it and now the DLC is working.