View Full Version : PF stand alone missions, part 2,

05-22-2007, 11:22 AM
ok, i've found a few missions for stand alone but in some of them it says i don't have permission to access /UK/pacificfighters/missions/ followed by the name of the mission. with some of them a windo will pop up asking me if i want to "run, save, or cancel". now if i click cancel then try to download the game again, i get the "forbidden" don't have permission window. these missions, i found them here;
www.pacific-fighters.com/en/missions.php (http://www.pacific-fighters.com/en/missions.php). then
missions archive (original IL2)
so can anybody explain this to me? are these missions ok to use?

05-22-2007, 08:02 PM
I'm not sure what your question is, exactly ...

You'll only be able to play the missions that say "PF Standalone" in the far right column. Single missions, campaigns and coops all go in different folders, so be careful where you place the files after you download them. You'll have to extract them from the .RAR or zip files first, don't just download straight to your Missions folder.

All of the PF missions and campaigns are for the American or Japanese forces, so none should be placed in the UK or RN folders. Be sure to read any documentation that comes with the download.

05-22-2007, 08:16 PM
Click on the link that has the mission name, and then choose Save from the window that opens. Next, choose where to download to on your harddrive; your desktop is a good place. Hit the "Save" button in that window. The file should download to your computer.

Browse to the location where you downloaded to. In my tests, I downloaded Butch O'hare and the Santa Cruz Coop; both are .zip format. Extract the files ... The butch_o'hare.zip includes a Missions folder. You'd move the included Missions folder to your Pacific Fighters main folder where it would simply add the mission to your Net folder to your Single/UN/F4F-3 subfolder. Play it in the game by opening this particular mission in the Single Missions menu.