View Full Version : Petition - New throwing button and the hud

11-22-2011, 12:26 PM
Well ubisoft, since i know that you changed the Head button so the old head button is to use throwable weapons, i would like to ask you to still have the head in the hud just like in the other games... i will be most likely be using "G" for throwables since it's what i use in Call of Duty and i think it would look ugly to have the marionette hud with the throwables where before there would be the head.
Also, place the throwables in the center.

How it might be:
Armed Hand --------- Free Hand

How i'm asking it to be:
Armed Hand - Throwables - Freehand

Maybe it's a bit to late to ask such a thing but at least you have an idea to improve hud in Ac3 if you are thinking about keeping weapons and throwables independent.