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12-12-2010, 03:30 PM
So, I've been thinking, and I came up with a new multiplayer mode. Since I can't contact Ubisoft personally, I just decided to post it on the forums.

(I haven't thought of an epic name for it yet)-
So there are two teams, you with me? One is templars, one is assassins. There would be a few maps, and the apple of eden would be hidden in the map. (So of course, someone could memorize where the apple is in every map, but that ruins the fun!) And the templars and assassins start the same distance away from the apple, and each of them start with a hidden blade (Yes, hidden bladed templars, OH MY GOD!) And an empty crossbow, an empty throwing knife pouch.
There are guards throughout the city. The guards are searching for Assassins, AND templars. (What is this, another demension?!) So your notoriety is as high as can be. So, you have to find the apple, and avoid each other, or kill each other. If you kill guards, they have things you get from looting them.
And also, when each of the teams go into hiding spots, then look like regular people, like the Assassins take their hoods off, and hide their weapons, and the Templars (They would be like the ones in AC1) would take their helmet off, and move his chainmail out of sight, and they would seem like normal people. And so when you got the apple, you could use it like in the game. If you hold it, and get a guard with it, he will automatically search for the enemy team and try and attack them. (LET THIS BE A WARNING, GET THE OTHER TEAM!!!!)
But if you die with the apple, the other team can pick it up and run. And also, it would be 10 people. 5 on 5. You need to work together in this game. If you die, you restart from your base, and thats where you have to bring the apple of eden to. Is everyone following me so far? Good, so you also would be able to disarm guards, and take thier weapons, and every guard would be in the match. Brutes, Seekers, you name it.
What is really cool about this, is if the two enemies are fighting, it would be epic, because it isn't a cheap CPU that has like a 50% chance of getting hit, they would have to not suspect it, or you would have to kick them, leaving them stunned. It would be epic! Who agrees?!

12-12-2010, 03:39 PM
You're not the only person to have ideas on the MP chief.

There's multiple other threads this could be posted in at the moment but here's the official one.

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Also, you're idea would be worth reading if it wasn't one big wall of text...

12-13-2010, 05:47 PM
Not to seem rude, but other people are posting their ideas here, too.