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06-04-2007, 04:33 AM
Which do people find better for dedicated servers? also anyone know hwere i can get FBD2 from as greatergreen on new site and download not seam to be working?

06-04-2007, 04:55 PM
bump for help

06-04-2007, 05:27 PM
I like them both actually. Although I have no idea in what consist in setting them up or what is easier. SC is more modern and seems to allow for a lot more tweaking and has many features. Such as limiting certain aircraft and load outs. Also it has all kind of automatic kicks for not following rules and such.

06-04-2007, 05:54 PM
Simple setup

Database simple to setup

Stats pages simple to setup

Map/Mission creation simple

Limited in map/mission scope

Administration Simple

Data Collection Ok (does seem to miss some stats data at times)

Nice Feature Set

No GUI. All settings are handled through config files.

Seems to get a little flakey when there are more then 30-36 players on the server regardles of server specs. I have run IL2 Dedicated servers on hardware from a 2.8 P4 up to 2@Dual-Core Opterons and it makes no difference. At around 30 players, it will start to get a little flakey.

(If you need these files, let me know. I have them archived and they are the most recent versions.)

Server Commander:
Little harder to setup. Lots of Options. Although it has a nice GUI which aids in setting up the application. Most all settings are done via the GUI and are point and click.

Database simple to setup

Stats Pages - in their default form are very demanding on a database server. When you database contains data for 4-5000 players, it can become a little slow in making its queries. It is a little more difficult to setup then FBDs pages. Again, a mature (lots of pilots in database) database takes ALOT of cpu and ram to run.

Map/Mission creation a little more involved then FBD. But still pretty simple. Required creating a .ini file for each .mis/.properties.

Extensive Map/Mission Scope. Taget designation is pretty flexible allowing for all kinds of different mission types. Ability to limit aircraft an loadouts (although implementation is a little confusing for players not familiar with it, might get kicked and not understand why).

Administration pretty simple

Database collection. If it happens on the server, its in the database. Basically it parses all data in the event.log and puts it into tables in the database. This allows for some nice creativity when creating stats pages and/or wars. With a little PHP/MySQL knowledge, you can do some pretty neat things with all the data.

Extensive Feature Set.

Handles High Player counts well if you have a server strong enough to handle it. There is alot of interaction between SC and your Database server durning high player loads. So make sure you have plenty of CPU cycles and RAM for it to use if you intend to handle high player loads.

These are of course my own personal opinions after having run FBD for 5+ years and SC for about 2+. So YMMV


06-04-2007, 08:52 PM
From a mission designers perspective Server Commander offers allot more flexibility in terms of defining target areas and restricting planes and loadouts however the .ini creation process is somewhat more involved than the FBD setup which is far easier but also less flexible.

At the moment I'm building stuff exclusively for Server Commander...but I have used both. Not sure if FBD has added any new features recently...it should because its also a good system.