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anyone got any info on the 190 tip and run raids that where mounted against britain.

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Here is some general info P1ngyu. I can look for more specific stuff later.

The first Fw190 Jabo raids were in the Spring of 1942. 10/Jg2 ran riads against shipping along the southern English coast out of Caen. They sunk 20 ships (at least claimed to) between March and June. The flew in groups of 4 to 8 with no additional escort. Later in the summer they switched to targeting coastal towns and harbors. Primary targets were utilities, railyards, barracks and factories.

- this from "Jagdwaffe, Holding the West 1941-1943

A litte more...

The patrolling fighters (Mustangs, Spitfires and Typhoons) were stationed over the English Channel in all weathers from dawn to dusk in an attempt to engage the intruders before they reached their objective. Even then, they were not immediately effective and stood little chance of successfully engaging the intruders which were frequently concealed in the cover of low cloud and poor weather. Even if sighted, the Fw 190's superior performance often allowed them to outdistance the then current Spitfire V; in fact four Spitfires were shot down by Fw 190s during the period.

A large raid was carried out against Caterbury on 31 October. 68 Fw190 Jabos with SC500s were escorted by 62 other Fw190s. Jabos flew on the deck with the escort at 3000 and 10,000ft. Weather was cloudy. Barrage ballons were raised in the area. One Jabo was damaged by ballon cable. Two Fw190s were shot down by flak and Spitfires. The target was civilians.

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Interesting article, thank you for posting that Hop.

While the LW was trying to sink a few fishing boats and kill a few shoppers, the 8th AF and RAF night bombers were preparing to level cities.

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