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02-02-2005, 11:17 AM
After reading the last thread last november ive put in to practice propellor pitch management, flying without the 108's on the A9 and A8 and Mg151's fitted instead, the highspeed 350 -400k climb bandwith and i have also taken to the D9 in a big way whereas before i stuck to A9.

From all of this ive developed my own ideas and experience and i am now very comfortable fighting the best allied fighters in the game.

One thing that i have noticed is the large number of head on's you get while flying the Fw in dog fights. You cant pull as many g's without losing excessive speed or the high speed stall as most opponents so if they see you coming you inevitably end up with high deflection shots. I was using 200 to 250m convergence which is perfect for destroying planes up close but i find that to get enough lead on a sharply turning enemy you have to pull too many g's which can lead to a stall or lots of E bleed. Ive changed recently to 400m convergence this enables you to shoot straighter if you like because the shells from the cannons fly 'through' the gun sight reticle at a greater distance. So when an opponent turns tightly away from you all you need to do is just pull enough lead for the reticle to be slightly infront of him and the rounds straigher trajectories will land on target.

My only worry with changing convergence had been a reduction in the Mg151's effectiveness. Last night i tested this exhaustively on QMB against Spitfire IX e , Yak 3, La7, Mustang D20, Thunderbolt,P63, Hellcat and Corsair. The set up was 4 rookie Fw 190 A6's against 4 Veteran AI red planes. Then I repeated the test using Fw 190 D9 44 with the weaker armament of only 2 x 20 mm's instead of 4.

I found that the greater convergence distance of 400m greatly increased the ease of hitting a manuvering target as i only needed to pull the nose of my plane a little infront of the red planes.I managed to achieve de-wingings, engine fires and explosions as well as the more common fule leaks and non fatal structural damage. I did not notice a significant lessoning in the destructive effect of the shells. The only problem i experienced was when closing from dead 6 behind a red plane from under 400m distance , my shells seemed to miss the target this was rectified by aiming lower than i had done in the past. But from all other angles of attack - especially when diving from above I found the greater convergence to be very effective.

Does anyone else have any additional tips for flying this plane?

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02-02-2005, 08:49 PM
Roland, Having flown the 190 almost exclusively for the past four years I can say I don't find myself in the dora too often. I suppose that is because I do most of my flying at lower altitudes. But thats not what you asked. So, here are my experiances. You know b&z is the order of the day for the fw. This is even more apparent for the dora. It has a longer tail moment due to the extension added at the tail to balance the jj mill which (you would think) would increase it's manuverability, but any benefit is negated (I believe) by it's higher wing loading. To it's credit though, it does seem to recover E better. Just resist the urge to firewall the loud lever and kick the prop out to far when the pucker factor is in full swing. You mentioned convergance at 400m. I suggest mg at 400, cannon at 250. That is if dogfighting is your goal and not bomber intercept anyway. Reason being; use the mg to sight the cannon... yeah I know, sounds silly perhaps. But, most of the critters that will eat your lunch have glycol cooling systems. When you see them smoking white; leave em and put your efforts elsewhere. Then come back and finish the job. (if they didn't manage a ditch) Above all else.. keep it fast. Of note worthy interest. The dora has an oil cooler just behind the prop that the A does not. And given it's lesser fire power, the h2h is less recommended. (I believe) That is assuming the games dm takes this into account. I don't personally know. Final thought... If you are a determined lw nut job like myself. Remember the words of Adolph Galland when asked his opinion of the 190 vs 109 question. He said, and I hope I remember this correctly, "You're a hunter in a messerschmitt!"

02-03-2005, 07:27 AM
I fly all the Fw's too and have done for around 18 months before that i was a 109 addict. I suppose Galland would have to change his comment about the 109 if he'd flown a plane with the same high speed handling as the 109 in this game which is appalling at speeds above 500k.

The advantages of the Dora over the A series in my opinion are greater spped , greater stability, increased manuverability in the vertical plane, improved acceleration and better dive speed. These are pretty much the same as in real life. I dont find it less manuverable than the A8 or A9 when turning as im more concerned by the onset of a stall in the Anton because it feels shakier when manuvering from the start. With the Dora it becomes progressively more unstable and juddery so you know the stall is imminent.

I find aiming the inboard guns of the Anton and Dora easier than aiming the wing guns as well. I will only fire all weapons in an A series when im def going to hit him and its 250 m or so range from dead six or an easy deflection shot. For high deflection and head to heads i aim using inboards which are easier to judge. From head on I still feel very secure in the Dora - you have lots of ammo so you can fire early and often to influence your oncoming target and unsettle him. As the Dora is more stable it lets you aim with greater effect also.

I have found that if you really need to and ur tail is on the line you can close the radiator and get well over 600k on the deck if you are in a shallow dive - dive from 1200m down to 150 m or so and just gradually there after and you can maintain your speed until you have to level off then your speeds drops of very slowly. This is sufficient to outrun all planes. La7's over heat faster than you do and if you conserve your engine before hand this just increases your advantage when it comes to combat.

I like to fire with mg's and cannons unless the enemey already knows im there I dont think its worthwhile leading your cannons and giving away your position. Better to close till your certain and fire with all weapons. with the 400m or higher convergence you can fly with just a small amount of lead and you can be sure your rounds will land on his plane.