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03-25-2005, 11:33 AM
The unintended consequence of the current crew fatigue model is that it forces you into time compression instead of simply being able to play the game. I would love to be able to stalk and setup and explore my world, but I find myself repeatedly jumping back into 64+ time to avoid those screaming red exclamation points. Crew fatigue actually is working to decrease realism in the game; the exact opposite of what was intended, I believe. I think fatigue is essential to model, but it needs to have some relation to real time exhaustion over time. To begin a plot and then just as you are coming in to attack, in less than an hour of real time, having your engine room, bridge, and torpedo room crews all go on strike at the same instant is really annoying.

I€d love to see a yellow caution point before the red one comes on. We have some very sharp people now working on mods for this, but those mods could have unintended consequences to the entire game themselves, as fatigue is obviously a multiple source cause/effect in the game code. This is probably the most important adjustment that needs to made to the game. I have found little else to really detract from real time play.

I€ve played out five patrols from Kiel in as close to full real and time as I could. The torpedo & gun modeling and ship performance seems accurate to me, except for depth implosion effects. I€ve had ships do everything from completely explode on the first hit to one that just hung there stern down and flat refused to sink no matter what I did. Mostly in between. I€ve only meet one convoy, but I have encountered ships in twos or threes on occasion. I€ve only seen two escorts (no other warships at all), and only one of those made a pass in my direction to search for me, but he never dropped charges. Not a single aircraft seen yet, but it's still fall winter 39-40.

The weather needs some work. I€ve had two winter patrols now where the weather was bright sunny and calm off the northwest of Scotland for the whole patrol. I thought I was in the Med. It only got stormy when I reentered Kiel. In fact the only rain in five patrols was when I pulled up to dock before my pen in Kiel and shut down then engine, then it rained as I bobbed there in harbor. The first and only time I€ve seen rain. I had one patrol too, where I was told during the entire patrol that it was a storm and could not man the deck gun, even when the sea state was dead calm.

I would very much like to see the awards adjusted for the player (the crew awards seem OK to me, except for the Uboat badge, which seems to be treated as a higher award than the War Patrol Clasp). I would like more effort or time needed to earn awards, but I would like to be promoted more quickly. I have 3 officers on my boat now who outrank me.

This game is almost perfect, not quite there yet, but almost.

03-25-2005, 12:17 PM
IMO being able to assign people to the 3 watches and specific duties for battle stations would help iron out a bit of this micro mgmt. Come on exec help me out bro!

03-25-2005, 12:35 PM
Like Line Changes in a hockey videogame.

03-25-2005, 12:52 PM
We need the ability to assign watch rotations. Under normal operations, crew could be assigned to a station and be 6hours on 12hours off, or 12 on 12 off, 8 on 16 off, etc..

This would be for normal operations, and the crew would know when to go on watch, without having to micromanage them. No submarine captain worries himself with telling each individual crew when to come on watch for the entire patrol. The crew were assigned to their duty and they took care of it themselves.

We need a "Battlestations", or "General Quarters" type of command also. You press the battlestations command, and everyone jumps up and the best guys go to their stations and relieve whoever is on watch.

What I hate about the time compression/fatigue thing is that after you have sunk a ship, and are done with your current engagement, usually many crew are exhausted. This means that you can't go right into time compression mode to start your search again, because your guys won't get rested up in that mode- everyone stays how they currently are. You have to cruise around for a bit on 32x and wait until they get rested, then go to higher compression.

I ALWAYS have certain officers that are exhausted, or close to it, simply because they can never sleep. Either I need them during an engagement, or I can't rest them because of time compression, or a more important guy needs to sleep instead... man it gets annoying, even though I've gotten better at it- it just seems silly to have to micromanage, and that the crew doesn't have normal watch rotations.

03-25-2005, 01:03 PM
I agree about the need for automatic crew rotations, and yes, they do seem to fatigue easily. The only place it might be realistic is in the diesel engine room. The noise of those 2 giant diesel engines in such a small space was deafening and would cause serious mental fatigue and discomfort, even with hearing protection.
As far as the lack of enemy aircraft encounters, I believe it is all part of the dynamic campaign. My very first mission in 1939 I was sent to patrol AN56. On my way there I ran into 2 british fighters that bombed me. I submerged and came back up. A little while later another pair of planes spotted me and attacked. Not much longer after that I picked up a fast contact headed directly for me. It seems the planes called in a destroyer to come and get me. All that and I still managed to sink a small coastal merchant and make it home safely.