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11-24-2009, 05:54 AM
just a quick bit of skrying my crystal ball shows me "assasins creed 3 revolutions" set during the american revolution just think this era lends itself well to the game, reasons why listed with a few ideas about story etc.

1 more ranged combat with a simple cover system guns of the era were slow too load and not very acurate so the game would still have ample oppertunity to show off its close quaters combat swords and such were still used in the era an interesting gameplay evolution

2 the era is very tumultouse with lots of intruigue and ample oppertunity to expand the mythology of assasins creed plenty of famouse figures to brush shoulders with (assassinate) / amazing arcitecture to climb

3 i envision films like last of the mohicans the patriot

Things that could be improved

1 More free running animations ac1 and 2 had almost identical animation sets

with this setting there is even more scope for for unique and varied misions again continuing the excelent steps made in ac2

I envision our new protagonist as either the son of a wealthy ex assasin. Or the son of a retired assasin who hid in the country and married a native american girl either way they join the revolutionary army perhaps with a scene set during an actual revolutionary battle then joins some gurillas like the ghosts, raiding baggage trains assalting outposts mixed in with forays into citys and army camps for the pourpose of assaination, all the while expanding and improving his skills unraveling his fathers hidden persona and his own purpose, perhaps with the final levels stowing away on a ship to the UK to finish his buisness in empirical london.

let me know what you think guys and if you have your own ideas about the direction they should take peace brothers

p.s. if ubisoft want help expanding these ideas just get in touch im bursting with ideas that will improve your games peace......

11-24-2009, 02:31 PM
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