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11-10-2004, 03:33 AM
I wonder why the Fw 190 D9 was never fitted with outboard Mg151's? Would the additional weight penalty have had a serious effect on performance? I would have liked the option because currently i always choose and A9 over a D9 because if you surprise an opponent you should really kill him or severely damage him at your first attempt which is tough to do sometimes at high closing speeds with only two 20mm's and two 13 mm Mgs.

Also of all you Me 109 flyers out there what makes you persist with the 109? I used to love it for over a year and a half but now im firmly a FW 190 fan and love it to bits. What tactics work for you? have you tried the FW190 and decided against it or does the Me109 full fill all your needs?

11-10-2004, 04:44 AM
There is plenty of articles about FW190 here ....and Please read my article<<A subtle defensive maneuver>>and point out some shortcommig giving me some advice.http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

11-10-2004, 07:25 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mynameisroland:
Also of all you Me 109 flyers out there what makes you persist with the 109? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Compared to the Fw 190 the Bf 109 just is a bird that has at least one advantage against most of it's adversaries, usually it will outclimb most enemies if not then it will out run them and if that won't work against a faster plane then it probably can out-turn that faster plane. I find the 109 is just a much better plane in the late war years.

With the Fw 190 I have found that against quite a few enemies it has no trump cards and you can only attack with a lot of altitude advantage.

Here are two examples of common online encounters:

P-51 D vs Bf 109 G-6 A/S, Bf 109 G-10, G-14 and K-4
All late 109's can outclimb and narrowly outturn the Mustang the K-4 however, might not be a better turner but climbs like a rocket.

P-51 vs Fw 190 A8 or A9
The P-51 can outclimb, out turn and out run the Focke Wulf. So what do you do if a P-51 is behind you? The only answer is don't get in that postion, I guess?

The Fw 190 D however, has a better chance against the Mustang and is faster and climbs faster at lower alts and turns faster at higher speeds.

Now consider a La-5 FN against a Bf 109 G-10 or a Fw 190 A8.

The La-5 is superior or equal to the Fw in every category with vastly superior climb and turn rates.

The late 109's will climb away from the La easily and should be able to turn with it at lower speeds.

Usually the Fw's advantage is speed so that means running away on a lateral plane, it is not a fast climber or turner so changing direction and coming back for an attack will usually end up in a head on situation. With a faster climbing or turning plane it is much easier to gain an advantage on the enemy.

The Dora is a good plane but wasn't as common during WWII (and on the servers I fly) as the Antons thus the comparisons. Then combined with the awful forward visibility and the weak MG 151/20mm (flawed in the game) which makes deflection shooting frustrating I find that the Messerschmitt is a better ride.

11-10-2004, 08:22 AM
I used to fly the 109 exclusively I was convinced it was better to the Mustand or any other western allied aircraft likely to meet it.

But growing up and way before IL2 was even a glimmer in Olegs eye I loved the FW190. When I got the game i flew off line for around a year and got used to the Me 109 and I loved it.

The best way to counter your points is to compare a variant of the Me 109 and fly it against an equivalent FW190 model. Each model of the FW190 can out run, out dive and out manuever (at speeds over 500k) its Me 109 equivalent. It also has a heavier punch, longer range and more durable engine.

Now when Im online I always engage with an altitude advantage it is stupid not to in my opinion, of course you cant always for example lets say you get bounced. But as a rule if i can dictate the terms i'll engage with more E that goes for a FW 190 , a Spitfire a Yak 3 a ME 109 whatever Im flying. The reason for this is that I got used to fighting Yaks and Lags that can out manuever whatever LW plane you chose so you learn to boom and zoom.

Offensive vs a P51

At the altitudes the action tends to be at you attack from 3k down to 1.5 k or so and attck with a speed advantage, unlike in the ME109 you can dive in and manuever your aircraft at speeds way over 700k in to a good firing position. If you fail to destroy enemy in 1st pass you level off gradually and extend away. Normally Mustang pilot will have pulled some evasive action enabling you to get separation from the bogey so you can reverse and repeat the attack.If the Mustang follows you you can continue to extend until there is sufficient separation or he breaks off before you attack again.

Defensive against P51

Keep your speed up and try to avoid being caught at an altitude disadvantage. The advantage you have here in my opinion (in a FW190 instead of a Me 109) is that you can run at high engine speeds for longer without your engine over heating. If caught with a Mustang on your 6 go in to a dive - vary the angle depending on his rate of closure ect once you have a speed up to around 600k + start to roll and change direction slightly try a split S , all the time you should be building up distance if you do it correctly as the Mustang will not like the manuvers you are doing, high speed roll reversal is not its strong suite.

If the Mustang has too much E for this to be viable then you have the advantage of being able to bleed your E like a brick, roll in to flight path then roll and turn away with ur flaps down Mustang should not be able to slow down and has to overshoot or climb away. If he over shoots He is dead if he climbs away you have the coice of making it to the nearest cloud sharply hiding there or radioing your mates and asking for help.

It is difficult to talk about 'set pieces' as i think situations are infinitely variable but I have been chased by a Mustang before 2 on 1 and the FW190 A9 can out run it at sub 1000m altitude. This is the best thing you can do in the situation as you are dead meat other wise. If you are in a 109 you could try climbing but if his mate is up high waiting your in trouble nad if you try turning - again you present a target and you will eventually run out of E and present an easy target.

Remember I have been a Me 109 pilot before I converted across and I think that you can outfly most planes in the game in a 109 G6AS and that you have at least one ace up your sleve against most other planes. But as an Offensive Aircraft the FW190 has more combat persistency , higher 1st pass kill probability, easier high speed aming - crucial in a diving attack and the abilty to break of an engagement against pretty much every plane in the game.

11-10-2004, 08:38 AM
xnomad, the FW may not be a good turner, but it is by far more agile than any BF you can name. I personally prefer the Fw, but I like flying with Bfs at my side. Together I think they fit perfectly; people who say the Bf or the Fw are bad, just don't have a clue. Both are good. The thread "Focke Wulf Tactics http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&s=400102&f=23110283&m=9661024732" Has really good info how to fight in the Fw. The thread will be continued