View Full Version : Sequence 10 idea "A Trator Amongst Us" SPOILER inside

11-21-2010, 07:56 PM
So as i was playing inside the tiber island hideout, i noticed my assassins, and began to think.

What if, one of them was really a Templar, what if, After you kill Ceaser (Yes, Ceaser means leader in latin) The Templars set out to find the Apple of Eden, they send a spy to get close to Ezio and the Brotherhood and find the Apple of Eden.

Then i thought of Sequence 10

A Trator Amongst Us

It starts after you get all Assassins that you can get at one time.

It kicks off when your Allies say that the Templars are once again getting your strategies and info.

They located the target but could not make out his face, due to his dark hood that he on. They let you know the location that the Thievs spotted him at.

When you go there you have to look around for clues. When fallen in a tunnel near the water, you spot a Cross.

After picking up the cross deep inside the tunnel, you use Eagle Vision to indicate its prints.

You now can find your target, problem is, who is it. Then you hear yelling echoing down the tunnel. "He is in here! Move!" Then you see the glow of running soliders on the wall in the tunnel above.

You can ethier dive into the Sewers or fight your way threw loads of enemies. Your objective is to ESCAPE back to Tiber Island.

When you get back you show the Cross to your Allies, Then you hear a loud explosion, and the Brotherhood piles into the room. They all are wondering what is going on.

A Mercinary runs in shouting, "They Found us, I don't know how but there pooring into the streets."

At that you and your Brotherhood race out. 100 of soliders plow the streets, people flee in panic, and across the water, Balista fire straight into the area around Tiber Island.

After fighting your way threw the enemy you have to destroy the balista across the water. After that you return to the half way destroyed Hideout.

The Destruction is grave, you must find that spy before things get worse.

After the battle you follow what is left of the army back to its source, a Fortress just outside rome.

A few mercenaries come with you. Your mission, invade the outpost and kill the commander.

You can fight with your mercinaries or sneak around the fortress to get inside the inner fort were the commander is.

After you assassinate the commander you head back, it has been 3 days since they attacked the hideout.

Your Allies let you know that they belive someone has infiltrated the Brotherhood. Ezio does not want to accept it, but then they give proof.

He calls the Assassins together, Ezio's allies began to give a speech about the infiltrator, at that time a voice tells Ezio to use his Eagle Vision.

At this point you will see a gold image apear in the crowed of your assassins. You can aproach the target, or have your assassins Aprehend him.

Ethier way after the target is found and arrested, guards poor in from streets. The Traitor got the word out. Your mission is to escort the Traitor to Your hideout. (Your at the Rosa in Florie)

They have an excution cermoney and the Sequence ends.