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01-30-2005, 01:57 AM
And as far as those sites go, they are both run by people who simply want to help. They are non-profit and most often, operate at a considerable loss. Servers cost money to run and buy upgrades for and the most expensive part is a decent IP connection that can handle commercial traffic. Many of the sites pay as much as $150.00 a month to maintain their IP service. Sadly, they do not get the support they need even though you can find an easy PayPal link at their site.

If you look in Luckyboy's Guide For Complete Users, you will see a link to a site called IL-2 skins. IL-2 skins is not up and running now. I've been told it will be back up and running in a couple of weeks, but it, more than most needs us all to donate to it. It is a site that has heavy download traffic on it. I've been told several things led to the site going down and I'm sure lack of funds played into it.

We all benefit from these sites. What keeps us from donating $5.00 a year to www.airwarfare.com (http://www.airwarfare.com) and the same amount to www.blackviper.com (http://www.blackviper.com) ? Then, if you download any skins at all, $10.00 shouldn't be out of the question to donate to Sharx over at IL-2 skins. However, most of us download quite a bit more than that. $20.00 is not unreasonable to ask for when it comes to IL-2 skins. In fact, the Hell Hounds have donated more than $150.00 in the last 6 months to IL-2 skins. But even with the Hell Hounds support, most often... even when you connected at the wee hours of the morning, you would often get the message to try again later because the site is too busy. Why?... well, that's just how data intensive that connection is. A better connection and the server equipment to run it does not come cheap. Even so, if we all threw in a few bucks every year, slowdowns and loss of valuable community sites would never happen. Ok, ok, so you feel a little ripped off donating when you know many have no intention of doing so... fair enough, but haven't you benefited more from those sites and recieved more service that were valuable, not just to this game, but to your entire computing experience? You've paid people plenty for getting much less in service on your PC's. Based on that, these sites are a bargain. Will they always be there? The fate of IL-2 skins is proof of what can happen.

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if enough people donated rights to skins perhaps IL2skins could bring out a commercial CD ?

01-30-2005, 04:23 PM
Lucky. I totally agree that il2 Skins deserves wholehearted support from this community. I sent them a donation a couple of weeks ago just before they went down from their hacking problem.

But don't you think you should restart this thread when they come back on line? Unless I am mistaken, there is nowhere to send money right now.

BTW. Really enjoyed flying with you and the Hellhounds last night. A fine bunch of guys and a credit to the game.

01-30-2005, 05:18 PM
Thanks for tolerating my impatient and foul mood last night, it was great on this end as well!

I have been trying to get ahold of Sharx e-mail address because that's the address we would make our PayPal donations to. If we could get a big push on now while he's building a new server rig (I've heard that might be in the offing gere) he can go... hhhhmmmm, ok, let's make it faster!

So, if someone's got Sharx e-mail addy, we can get going about getting him the bucks when he needs it which is now of course!

01-30-2005, 08:30 PM
My thanks to adlabs6 for the address to send PayPal donations to Sharx! It is...