View Full Version : Having more fun after I beat the game.

salted onions
11-21-2011, 04:31 PM
AC2 had me bouncing off the walls excited.
ACB had me pretty freakin' excited.
ACR.. not so much. I didn't follow the game at all, no gameplay videos or anything, just the cinematic trailer. In fact, I had totally forgotten that I preordered it until a week before the fact. I got it, and it was fun. I mean, it's an Assassin's Creed game, and being the fanboy I am how can I NOT have fun with the gameplay, and enjoy the story?

But it didn't have the same impact that the past games had. I wasn't giddy at school waiting to get home to get on the game like I used to. I beat the game, and after the lovely cliff hanger ending, as to be expected by Ubisoft, I thought to myself thinking "now what". When suddenly one of my dens became under siege. Frantically, I was racing to the den, when suddenly a message appeared saying that Athens and Bursa were both under attack as well. What?! I thought I had rid half of the cities of Templar influence, when I realized that they could fight back.

Not entirely sure why, but this is a butt load of fun to me. I'm thinking I'm pretty terrible at the clunky den defense mini-game thing since I never win anymore, but the fact that the Templars can crush me with their superior technology helps me get a better feel of the war the Assassin's are fighting. The fact that the Templars have the assets to long a multiple front attack while I have 12 measely apprentices to defend my cities make me feel the scale of the Templar threat. It's probably because I didn't give as much attention to the mini games behind the main story and quests, but now that I see it, the game is a lot more fun.

Anyone else feel this way with the extended 'Brotherhood' mechanic?