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04-11-2011, 10:54 PM
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In my opinion there is no need in releasing a new version of multiplayer with the next AC game. Think about it, it will split the community and it will also be like the multiplayer of call of duty(same multiplayer with few new modes which is sad and lame).

What I would really want to see is a side-story coop mode(Not Single Player). In sense of different story, place(Japan, Ninjas!), enemies, gameplay features, fun free roam, etc.[like the "Special op" missions in modern warfare 2].

So what's you thinking?

04-12-2011, 07:23 PM
I get bored after playing about four games of multiplayer at a time. It's not that fun due to a variety of things, but mostly due to ppls different internet speeds, which just makes the game not enjoyable.

04-12-2011, 08:22 PM
I personally like coop more then multiplayer, so i say coop. here are some of my ideas for coop:

Co-op ideas:

Ubisoft said b4 that the reason they didn't have co-op was cuz they haven't found a way to justify it yet, here are two ways u can.

1. u can play was two brother assassin's in 2012 that go into the animus and relive their ancestor's lives who turn out to be brothers as well.

2. who ever said that we need to have the animus for co-op. we can just play as to assassin's in what ever time frame ubisofts wants to use. (egypt would be cool).

A coop story, not objective coop contracts is needed. you can choose an assassin with a skill and change their look, outfit, gender and all, until u get the assassin u want to start the story with.

If i pick the bow and arrow skilled assassin (and i WILL) the lock on system should be taken off, and you should have a small circle instead. so the gamer will have to calculate the distance the arrow will go and curve to hit their target. if i have 5 arrows on my back and use one i want to see 4 and if i have one i want to see 1 arrow. also if i shoot someone in the arm then they shouldn't die but not be able to use that arm. and if i shoot someone in the leg they should limp away. but most important for the skill if i shoot someone next to a wall or their foot then they should be stuck to the wall or floor (until they pull the arrow out) another level up for the archery skill should be shooting more then one arrow at time.

of course if i play with a friend and he or she uses the poison assassin we should be able to mix skills, so my friend puts poison on my arrow tip and i shoot the arrow at a guards arm, and he runs away to the guard camp. but the poisen was the beserk poisen so he goes crazy and kills all guards there.

All skills should work together (bombs, poison and archer. Bomb skilled assassins should only start with smoke, then upgrade to flash then explosive.

Poison skilled assassins should start with normal poison that takes a while to kill, then if the player wanted to have a sleeping type of poison(gives the gamer options),fast poison, and the final one would be silently poison a group of guards.

By working together u can fuse poison and bomb to get poison bombs, poison and arrows to get poison tipped arrows, and bombs and arrows to get flash, smoke, and explosive arrows.

you would also have to be able to upgrade other fighting skills. upgrade the sword and we can shoot the gun and fight like brotherhood, upgrade the dagger and the throwing knife, upgrade the hidden blade and u get two hidden blades and if u upgrade it again then u get a metal wire attached to the blade so now u can shoot the blade out and use it like a wip.
(i know i wrote a lot, but i hope ubisoft sees this and puts it in AC3.)

thats all i can think of now, personally i'd prefer to play as a male assassin since i'm a male and it would really work if the next ancestor is female cuz desmond might start to act like her lol. but if the co-op is how i imagine it, then ubisoft should have it so we can either pick to play as a male or female assassin in the coop story. and make it as good as the single player. if single player is 40-50+ hours at least make the coop 30-40+ hours. Ubisoft said it was a 50+ plus game to get 100% sych. in the game but i beat it and got 100% sych only in 25 hours. A lot of ppl prefer coop rather than multiplayer including me, and some ppl can't play online either. so split screen is required. (I apoligize to all the other forum members for my long message, but i just felt that i had to get my ideas for the next AC3 out :P)

All of my other ideas for the game are on the feedback thread

04-12-2011, 09:32 PM
I was hoping for a multiplayer co-op mode where you play as Ezio's recruits as they go on their missions across Europe. And as you gain levels you get better weapons and equipment like in singleplayer.

04-12-2011, 10:37 PM
I say have a stronger focus on the single player campaign and its story.
ditch the multiplayer to shift focus to single player campaign

04-13-2011, 06:01 AM
I hope they don't change multiplayer at all, why? so they don't take from what Assassin's Creed is - single player.