View Full Version : Suggestions For Greatness

03-27-2011, 01:06 PM
Id like to start by saying that i found AC brotherhood to be a dam good game... Good job... Second id like to post a few suggestions for either updates or future AC *wink...

#1. It would be nice if you could drop your primary weapon.. (for instance after you accidentally pick up 1h sword after impaling that pesky soldier on a horse with your 2h sword)

#2. Would be interesting as well if there were a couple lvl's of zoom on the follow camera.. either in options or by mouse scroll..

#3. Also the Spear in the weapons shop xP

#4. A map editor to make your own (Free-run,Assassination,ect) challenge courses with objectives and be able to share with others..

#5. And last but not least, I think it would be Amazing if AC had a replay editor similar to that of Black Ops editor... *Record when we want using a key, than edit the angles, speed, Screen shot... ect... I would love that.. =D

*edit* Just remembered would also be sweet if u can open the parachutes during any free fall... ^^

PS: If things like these are put into a Expansion pack i would be definitely willing to pay for it... As im sure others would too ^^ keep up the good work...