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04-09-2010, 02:40 PM
Hey, I've just wrote down a bunch of changes they could make to AC3 that I think will make it more interesting, just wondered what other poeple thought.

AC3 Ideas/concepts

- Unarmed Counter-kills: If you are fighting inarmed, the current

counter-kill system requires you to hit the enemy until his health is all but

gone beofre it will preform a take-down. I would be nice to get an upgrade

mid-game that allows you to preform an instant unarmed take-down on lesser

enemies, like it's possible to do with a weapon.

- Unaware, Unarmed Take-downs: In the AC2 combat system, you can unsheath

your weapon, approach an unaware guard and get an instant kill on that guard

before the others can react. However, trying to do this while unarmed simply

results in a punch and the start of a combat sequence. It would be nice if

you would preform an instant take-down on the first guard you start a fight

with, nothing fancy, they could use the animations you get when you take out

an enemy you blinded with sand.

- Active disarms: The addition of disarms to AC2 was great, but still leaves

you standing still while blocking, waiting for an enemy to attack. A system

like the combo kill system from AC1 , where you would start a sequence by

using your armed hand while unarmed, then when you make contact with the

enemy, you would press the unarmed hand button to steal the weapon from the

enemy, allowing you to continue like it was a standard disarm. Miss-timing

the sequence would leave you vulnerable to an enemy's strike.

- More unarmed weapons, like brass or spiked knuckles.

- Human shields: I know the current system allows you to hold on to an enemy,

and place him between you and another enemy to stop attacks, but it would be

nice to see that developed more fully. You would initiate it the same way you

hold an enmy now, by grabbing an enemy with the unarmed hand button. Then,

you would hold the unarmed hand button to spin him around and place your

blade at his throat. From there you could throw him towards an enemy by

releasing the unarmed hand button and moving the L stick towards who yuo want

to throw him at, or kill him with the armed hand button,

- Moral grey areas: It would be an interesting departure from the norm if

some of the targets you have to kill were not in and of themselves evil, but

they unknowingly supported the Templars in some way. It would also be

interesting if some of the Templars were women.

- Garrot: Add a garrot to your weapons inventory, which you could use as an

additional from of silent take-downs, which could be used in a non-lethal

way, unlike the hidden blade, which would open up pathways for missions

requiring you to only kill your target.

- Make AC III ancestor a women. I believe that this would be an interesting

change over the first two games, and would serve to highlight the forward

thinking of the Assassin Order.

- Location: Europe during the Napoleanic war. This time period offers many

possibilities for combat, intrigue, and conspirisies. Possible locations

could include London, Paris, Moscow, or Cairo.

- Musketry: The late 18th/early 19th century was an era dominated by infantry

armed with single shot musket weapons. If these were incorperated into AC3,

it could change the fundemantal structure of the combat system, and remove

the complaint that combat was too easy. A solider's musket would do high

damage, enough to kill the ancestor in 2-3 shots, but would only be single

shot and slow to reload, meaning the soliders would then need to use their

bayonet of sword. This would make the standard MO of walking up to a group of

soliders, brazenly stabbing one, and starting combat, as they would shoot you

full of holes. Instead, the ancestor would be required to use stealth or

subterfuge to eliminate the guards, or else get the guards to waste their

shots by shooting at you from too far away, or luring them into a crowd where

they can't shoot you without harming civilians.

This would also open up all sorts of new possibilities for disarms. Getting a

musket from an enemy would allow you to use it in a variety of ways. Pressing

the armed hand weapon in low profile would result in a variety of slashes

with the bayonet. Used as such, it functions like any sword of knife, able to

get counter-kills, combo kills and unaware kills. In high profile mode, the

first press of the armed hand button would fire the musket at the currently

targeted enemy, killing him instantly. If the target is far away, it simply

kills him, but up close would result in a cinematic kill, such as pressing

the gun into an enemy and firing, or stabbing him with the bayonet and then

blasting him off. Holding down the armed hand button while in high profile

mode would aim the gun at the targeted enemy, causing him to flee, similar to

the hidden pistol.

- Populate the various elevated gardens and patios on top of the buildings.

- Add ropes that can be used to quickly climb to the roof of a building, or

to swing betweem two different buildings.

- Incorperate more horse mounted fighting.

- The disarm system is great, but I would make a few minor tweeks. I would

have it so that any weapons you take from an enemy would get stuck on the

first counter kill you preform after killing the weapon's previous owner. The

reasons are simple: chances are your own personal weapon is better than any

single-handed weapon you take from an enemy, so there's no point in holding

on to it. I would also have you hold onto any 2-handed or long weapons you

have after a fight instead of dropping them.

- Add a group of Templar enemies with skills aprroximatly equal to your own,

to serve as a sort of mini-boss. They would be encountered during later

assassinations, after-escapes, and rarely out in the game world.

- Special weapons attacks are too slow, you need to be able to break off from

one mid-stride in order to block if you're going to get hit by an enemy.

- Add full under water segments, offering another possible way into an enemy

fort or retreat.

- The introduction of missions in AC2 that require you to use stealth and not

get detected are great, now it would be interesting to see the flip-side:

Missions requiring you to infiltrate a public event where you're target is,

and kill him with a flashy, high profile assassination designed to send a


- Smallers cities! By the end of AC2, Venice encompassed 5 zones, and took a

long time to reach a specific point on the map. I'd rather see more cities of

a smaller size.

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04-12-2010, 12:07 AM
all your ideas would make an awesome game, especially with the high profile kills. and with the cities being to big, i thought most of the cities were too small, the only good cities in AC2 that i liked were Florence and Venice unlike the smaller town cities like Forli and Montegneogin or whatever its called where the villa is. mostly good ideas though.

04-12-2010, 11:22 PM
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