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What is Ghost Skies? What is it all about?

- Ghost Skies is NOT another historical league. We have plenty of those in the community. I love history, and immersion, but I created Ghost Skies because I also like pure competition. GS is a Dog Fight League for IL-2 FB+AEP+PF that tries to take the fun we have in DF servers, and structures it into a formal competition ladder. We all know that DF servers are crazy and unorganized. GS organizes the mess, and focuses the competition.

- Settings: The settings are challenging, but still fun. Not the easiest, not the hardest. GS tries to accommodate both cockpit preferences by having Cockpit On/OFF negotiable. This is necessary to keep the league as active as I can, and it has been very successful. The default settings are: Externals are locked off. Icons are limited only = Cockpit Off: 8k dot (because of the arrows) 5k plane, 2k for color and ID only for both sides. Cockpit On: 15k dot, 2k for color and ID for both sides. Everything else won€t show. No padlock , but Minimap and Speedbar are on.
If a squadron would like to change from the default settings, the rules make it possible. All you have to do is ask your opposition if they would be willing to change a particular setting. (only the settings covered in the rules can be changed. You can€t ask for unlim ammo, or something of that sort) If you change the settings to something HARDER, like No Icons, or No Minimap Path, then the scoring stays the same as Default settings. If you change the settings to something EASIER, like turning on external views, of having full icons, then your score is cut in half. You have to agree to a default settings battle first, because you cannot back out of the match if you don€t get what you want. At worst, you will fly a default settings match.

- There are several Battle Types to extend the variety of the competition. Prop aircraft are split into 3 War Eras. Early = '40 and before. Mid = '41-'42. Late = '43 and after. There is also a Jet DF, a bomber DF (which is really fun), a Tailhook only DF (Carrier battle), a Role Play (Axis vs. Allies) option, and a Game of the Week, where **** planes and strange but fun scenarios make the match something completely different.

Gameplay: How a typical match looks: Matches are flown 2v2 up to 6v6. Squads decide whether to play cockpit on or off, how many will fight, and what Battle Type to fly. Airplanes are not restricted, other than era, unless playing a special match like Game Of the Week (GOTW) or Role Play. Matches can be played as a highest kill count wins, or as a Last Team Flying, where pilots only get one plane. For highest kill, an in-game timer is used to time the match. Matches last 40 minutes, and give teams 5 minutes to land after that (you don't need to land during the match, just crash or bailout for a new aircraft)

After the match a tally of kills is made using the Shift+Tab function. Winner reports, loser authenticates. A report is made on the Ghost Skies website, and once authenticated, the stats are immediately updated on the ladder.

At the end of a cycle there are 4 medals up for grabs. Highest scoring team, and highest scoring pilot. Most Efficient Team and Most Efficient pilot.

Echo cycle has just begun! If you have any questions, or your team is interested in joining, e-mail me at crash@ghostskies.com

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hey crash did you join jg53? Seen a guy in wc the other night with the name jg53_Crash and was wondering if it was you.

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Nope. JG27*CRASH is me. Everyone else is an imposter! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

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Glad you are excited! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif