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07-26-2011, 03:16 AM
Honestly while it hadn't quite drove me away it has driven most of my friends list away. I may do an occasional game or something but it's probably going to be infrequent. I know people have claimed that the servers are even worse lately and I honestly think it's just as bad as has been for the last 2 months. The real difference to me has been new players have no incentive to play stealthy now. If they attempt to learn and play the right way people will just see them coming and stun them. So the blue dots just run around and get discreet/chase kills all game because they don't get stunned that way. Really the game has just been a source of frustration for me as I might be happy 1 out of 15 games now.

Another thing that has driven me and my friends away is the stupidity that is the match making system. Because of complete poop of how they implemented the DLCs some players are on 1 seperate set of games, while 2.0 is another, and 3.0 is on a third. You split that audience with player or ranked match you've basically made it so I have to try 3 times per game type to get a game. I basically average 15 minute wait time per game late at night. (The first is usually an hour and then shorter after that because of rematches) So basically if we wait an hour then get into a lobby full of roofing, trolling or stupidity thankfully we get rewarded with having to wait another half hour to play a new game.

I honestly don't want this as a complain post as most of you know this yourselves and have gone through this as well. So UBI people I hope your reading because I'm going to make offer some advice to fixing the landslide of mistakes you've made on this game.

1. DLC and updates - seperate the 2. Make it so whenever you make a DLC everyone has to update allowing everyone to be playing on the same games. If you add maps add them for everyone. DLC should add personas profile slots and game types only.

2. Not every map has to be available on every game type. Some maps that work and work well for ffa etc. are unplayable on team and coop. Honestly peinza is probably the worst map on coop. Not because of the roofs or anything. It's the spawn points. Basically if you spawn near the church and all the teams are equal in skill you should easily win. In both rounds your targets have to run through you in order to get to your pursuers. You may die, but your probably going to score 2k before the other 2 teams even have a chance to score points. Same with Mt Saint Michael as the 3 teams run in a circle over and over trying to avoid their pursuers and run towards their targets.

3. No more rematches? Now a lot of players are probably scratching their heads at me thinking I'm crazy. They're probably right but this isn't the reason. The biggest reason is so all players wait less time in the lobbies. I dont mind waiting 5 minutes for a game late at night, however I do mind waiting an hour. Second reason is top players make the newer players quit the game. No, Im not making this up I know people that I happened to run into offline that told me that my playing group made them quit the game (Yes they brought my screen name up first making things quite awkward). It wouldnt be so bad if newer players got thrashed by good players infrequently but they definitely usually dont want to rematch them. So they stop playing the game and the top players just make their way into another lobby to make a new set of players quit. Maybe if these new players are only getting annihilated 1 in every 6 games they won't feel as bad.

4. Allow me to do things while I'm waiting in your lobbies. It seems like you've already solved that issue on the next game. Allowing me to change my profiles, check my templar score progress, and see what I need in challenges could significantly diminish my boredom while waiting for games. Also put the bloody names of the players on screen even before synchronization. There is nothing worse than waiting a half hour in a lobby for a match then getting there with someone recognizing you and dropping. I've done it to a few players who have repeatedly had awful lag in games against me and I know people have done it to me as well.

5. No more play now button!!! I know this seems harmless but really it screwed me on multiple levels on this game. When I was a blue dot noob in this game I had no idea what player, ranked and private. I got confused and I just wanted to play so I hit the play now. This put me half in ranked and half in player matches (more often ranked than player) and killed my average for in the future. The other thing I would do is keep dropping out of games I didn't want to play. This in turn creates havoc for the other players in the lobbies I was dropped into often Synchronizing them then promptly telling them sorry you can't play yet(which as I know now sometimes makes players leave out of frustration).

6. Unless players are bunched together because they came in together as a group, DO NOT let people fill in the 4th slot on a group before the other teams 3rd slot. I can't tell you how many wasted games I have had where it was 2 v 4 because someone just couldn't make the teams even. They just didnt want to lose apparently and they wanted to join the good players. My comment to them is always "how would you feel if you were those 2 other players about to be slaughtered?"

7. Make it so I can turn off locks for other players in team games. Make it optional that I can let people see my locks or not because nothing is more frustrating than locking just before an incog kill (cuz your targeting system cant be trusted) and having random loser #4 shoot your kill for 150 points.

8. Poison. Make it so after 2 seconds you can't kill a poison unless you were the original person to poison. I know it is supposed to be part of the risks but poisoning is often risky enough. Sometimes opening you up to being stunned and if a player happens to be going for a kill as your poisoning you lose the ability. That carries enough risk without having to add the confrontations that are made by a good player poisoning and a bad (or just selfish) player stealing it. Keep people from yelling at each other and make it not an option.

9. Make sure players synch at the same time for matches. I can't tell you how many FFA matches I've been put into 10 seconds or more late and I was just chilling out in the lobby waiting. In fact many times when that happens I spawn without a target AND with a pursuer. I've literally spawned 10 seconds late...no contract have to wait 20+ seconds for a contract (which is promptly killed before I have a remote chance at it) Then get killed right after getting another contract. So basically that 1 issue stole 1 minute of my 10 minute kill round.

10. Try to make the scoring system similar to each other. This doesn't matter as much between different game types as apposed to ones in the same game type. For instance the scoring system in Escort is so bad that I have no shot at increasing my ranked matches with it. I don't dislike the format like many do however since I will never get a top 3 score with it I often don't bother with it unless it's in a player match after I've already gotten my scores for the week. This is also the case in many ways for Assassinate vs Wanted. Where wanted is quite a bit harder than assassinate to score points in(if your good).

Yes I know I'm missing like 30 more things that Ubi should correct in their new game but honestly I've been typing this up long enough for a game I won't be playing much anymore. Please if you have more ideas of corrections they can make in the next game please add to this post.

07-26-2011, 09:20 AM
Agree with your points 5, 6 and 7.

And newer players will get hacked off with getting thrashed all the time, I did.

My son played a lot of Alien v Predator and the lobbies were visible so you could chose one nearly full. If this method was adopted wait times would be considerably less.

I think I'll stick with it though and hope your suggestions are acted upon.

07-26-2011, 10:56 AM
Uhhhh let's bring this down...

1. This would help, so I agree

2. No. I love pienza on co-op. If you know the checkpoints then whats the problem? Im pretty sure you dont HAVE to go to the church to get to your targets unless they are camping there. Stuff like that is just alliance basics.

3. Again no. A lot of times I will get into a game with a clan like WLP, HKP, BRMS, or even last night syncronizing asians. say they have 4 people, they beat me and I want to face them again to get better. Now I cant because you cant rematch. Let noobs quit, wait for another lobby, I personally rarely wait for a match, so this would screw me and many others over.

4. YES YES YES. They fixed this in the next game which makes me happy, but I still agree

5. Again, it might not work for you, but there might be people who like to use it and just play for fun. Taking it away just because you dont like it doesnt make sense.

6. I sort of agree, I hate when randoms join our 3 man team just because they want to win, then steal all our poisons. At the same time saying those 2 people are going to get slaughtered is another story. I know a ton of players that will play with a random against an organized team. Just had to point that outhttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif

7. Absolutely not. If you want to secure the kill by locking, you risk your teammate killing them. If you dont want that to happen dont lock. And I dont even want to go into taking off peoples locks....

8. Yeah...no. Poison has a big score bonus, but it takes skill to pull off. That being said, part of the risk is your teammates might kill it. Or you might kill it, hell ive done that a lot when im panicking. When you play with randoms and use poison, you take the risk sorry.

9. Thats connection issues. Ubisoft cant do anything about that

10. The only complaint I have is that escort should be 5 mins each round so it could be a higher scoring mode. But really I think they are taking care of that in ACR.

TL;DR: I agree with 1,4,6,10 but really most of this is just what you get mad at. Just because you dont like it doesnt mean it needs to change

07-26-2011, 11:55 AM
Some changes are in order, but I can't agree with all of your points.

1. This would be helpful -- currently there are 4 separate sets of players, which is bad. Forcing them back into a single group would help.

2. I don't know about this one. Yes, some maps are harder to score well on than others, but that does'nt make them unplayable. I would like to be able to avoid maps I dislike, but that is another story.

3. No. As long as a player can opt out of the rematch (which they already can) and can go straight into another group (which they can't), the described issue would be resolved. When I get a good lobby, I want to keep it as long as possible.

4. DEFINITELY. This is one of the greatest improvements that could be made.

5. I don't use that button often, since you really don't know what game you will end up playing, but I really don't have any problem with that. It sounds like your main complaint with it is that you didn't know what it was doing when you were young and ignorant. Better documentation would handle that.

6. This is a more difficult one. Generally a 4 on 2 game is less interesting than 3 on 3, but your idea has holes. It covers adequately the situation when there are only 6 players, but will cause trouble with 7 or 8 (where the issue won't come up unless someone quits). Also I have had some fun on the short side of lopsided games.

7. Locking is part of the team game and should be. It would be better if there was a way for team members to punish people whose play hurts the team.

8. This is really the same situation as item 7 -- the problem is less with the rules for Poison than with bad teammates.

9. YES. I have more than once started a game by dying before actually appearing on the map.

10. It would be better if the different games that are grouped for scoring were all balanced, but that is difficult to manage. How much of the perceived imbalance between two games is real and how much is due to play not maximizing the scoring on the one game?

There are changes that can be made to reduce waiting time for games and to make that time more productive. Others that would make the game more fair -- I would like to see some changes in the manner pursuers are assigned, to allow some chance to enjoy the freedom from eluding them. Changes just to remove the chances for people to irritate you just won't work -- they will still stun or kill you and I hate that.

07-26-2011, 07:54 PM
The scoring between modes in the same group (FFA, Co-op and Team) could be normalized so you could play the mode of your choice for rank. Just take some arbitrary number, like 100,000 and divide it by the highest score in the mode and apply the ratio to everyone's score. Now the highest score in all modes would be 100,000, but if you liked playing Wanted more than Assassinate and you cared about score, you could play what you wanted.

Can't really comment on most of the rest... it's all either common sense, an opinion or team mechanics, which I don't care about. I will say that matchmaking based on a skill metric would be so much better and alleviate new players quitting, because they wouldn't play with the pros. I don't think they have enough people to make matches like that though, since they've split the playerbase so many ways.

07-26-2011, 08:26 PM
well I don't really have anything else to say aside from on number 7 instead of just locking on you can just force-lock, which isn't visible to your teammates.

Edit: I get frustrated from time to time, but still don't think I'm going to quit. At least not for a while.