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11-24-2007, 02:48 PM
As the title says, I quite easily got 99 out of 100 King Richard flags in the Kingdom, even the one on the tall post which many people struggled with.

However I cannot find the last flag. I got the Prima guide and went to every flag location ticking them off, and still could not find it. I repeated the process a second time and still nothing.

After spending many hours searching for just one flag I'm feeling a tad annoyed, and can only assume this is a bug and I will never find it, unless I start all over again.

11-24-2007, 03:04 PM
hey sorry i cant help ya but i got nutin but respect for you, for getting 99 out of 100 tho!

11-24-2007, 03:18 PM
Hey Gaz i was wondering if u could help me find the location of the ruins that has the one flag on top of the pillar. i cant find it so if u could tell me where it is on the map that would be great thanks.

11-24-2007, 03:22 PM
Originally posted by Wee_Wee21:
Hey Gaz i was wondering if u could help me find the location of the ruins that has the one flag on top of the pillar. i cant find it so if u could tell me where it is on the map that would be great thanks.


There are some Roman ruins, and there are loads of flags there plus a templar.

The one alot of people had trouble with was a flag on a really high pillar. You need the special grab gloves which you get after memory block 2 or 3. You can then climb up one of the ruined buildings, hop onto a nearby pillar, and then leap down towards the flag and press B to grab the pillar.

Anyhow, I'm still reeling after getting 99 flags and the last one being missing. I know it sounds a bit lame blaming it on a bug/glitch, but honestly, I have scoured the entire kingdom, then used the Prima maps and checked every area TWICE. I must have spent in the region of 10 hours searching for one flag.

It's kind of ruining the game because searching for one flag which maybe isn't even there sucks, but I have an obsession with finding it http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

11-24-2007, 04:44 PM
ok, but umm can u tell me where its at on the map. cause i am having trouble finding it. is it down a dead end path or is it in an opening in a path? i just am finding little villages around the kingdom, no ruins.

11-25-2007, 02:30 AM
Originally posted by Wee_Wee21:
ok, but umm can u tell me where its at on the map. cause i am having trouble finding it. is it down a dead end path or is it in an opening in a path? i just am finding little villages around the kingdom, no ruins.

Eastern Kingdom, on the way to Jerusalem (between Jerusalem and Damascus) I think.

Should be fairly obvious, it's made up of lots of pillars and crumbling walls, and there are lots of archers around.

Going from memory so I hope this is accurate.

11-25-2007, 02:32 AM
THERE IS A GOD. At last I found the last Kingdom flag http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

I appologise for blaming this on a glitch, but after more than 10 hours searching for one flag you do tend to throw all your toys out of the pram. It was in a fairly obvious place as well http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif

I found this on another forum (I started from point 10) and it helped me locate it within around 5 minutes:

1. On top of the tower (view point) on top of the mountain.

2. On top of a little feeding pen as you go up/down this mountain trail.

3. As soon as you get off this trail and back to a part of the village, there
will be two flags on the buildings nearby. This one will be on a beam.

4. Just a few yards away from #3, on another rooftop.

5. Now get on the ground and go to the cliff edge that looks south. You should
see a wooden platform hanging on the other side of a part of the broken wall,
so get on that and look left. Hop to the beam and then to the platform with the

*NOTE: #99 is behind the view point tower in this village too, I just missed it
this first go-through. You can save it for later if that helps you with this

6. From this level of the village, go down the ramp to the next level, just
above the first level with the view point. Down the ramp, go to the big house
on the left and get to the top. Go to the side that looks north and look down.
The flag is on the platform below.

7. Take the path behind the view point in this village and go down the path
until you see a little community on the right. You should see this flag on a
pole in the middle of the open.

8. From the last flag, look south to see this one on top of a tall building.

9. From #8, look west to see this flag in the corner behind a building on
the ground (we're in the same area for all three).

10. Grab a horse and head to the south from #9. Stop at the water nearby. Run
and jump along the poles to reach the tiny isle with the flag behind a tree.

11. Back on solid ground, look east to the buildings with humps on their tops.
Go around then to a big, spire-like hump with divets on its side. On the ground
and by the building is the next flag.

12. Jump on the roof nearby and look to the south to see this flag on another
rooftop with humps.

13. Go west to find the closed path to acre, then go east a bit to find the
closed path to Jerusalem. Now go northeast to find a flag in a broken building.

14. Now go up the hill a bit to the north to find a flag inside the property of
the next house. It's close to #11.

15. Go east to find another flag on a hump of a humped-building.

16. To the north you should see a watchtower, so get up there and claim the

17. Go directly north of this tower to find another flag by a ruined house,
behind a broken wall.

18. Go east to find a stone that reads the paths of Jerusalem and Damascus.
Get on the building nearby for a flag.

19. Return westwardly back to the village area. Go up a path on the right that
takes you up a winding path. On about the third level of houses, you will see
this flag on a platform haning off a building from a crane-like construct.

20. Directly north of #19, no another building.

21. Directly west of #20, on a chimney of another building.

22. Return down the path to get on ground level. Now make your way back up to
the northwest path, beyond the view point village and back up the trail leading
to Masyaf. In fact, when you reach a stone with the name "Masyaf" you should
be near an enemy camp. Get off and look at the entrance to the camp. You can
blend-walk all the way past the two to a horse-drawn cart with two flags at the
back. Just get next to the cart, climb up, and then go blend once on top as you
claim this flag...

23. ... and this flag. Now drop down and blend walk out of here, but go out
the entrance with only the two guards.

24. Keep going down the path to Masyaf until you hit the open. There should
be a path leading west, but it's closed. But go toward the blue haze and look
behind the horse cart to find another flag.

25. On your way to Damascus, beyond the villages and down the path, you will
run into a stretch with water on the right side, but you should also see a
flag on the cliff.

26. Down this trail and at the view point, there is a flag on top of the
building in front of the tower.

27. Look east from #26 and jump to the building slightly smaller. Go around
the room on the roof to find this one in the shadows.

28. If you look toward the water you should see a little crate-like thing
next to two guards with a flag on it. Approach from the opposite side of the
guys so you don't provoke danger.

29 . When going up the view point, on the front side of the middle level will
be a flag.

30. On a platform to the north of this area will be a guy talking to a
formation of men. Blend and walk right to the flag and then walk away.

31. In the area with the fifth view point, a flag is behind the first building
you see, provided you are on your way to Damascus.

32. On top of the tower, after you leap of faith off, jump out of the hay and
blend walk to the center of camp for another flag.

33. On your way past the fifth view point and onto Damascus, you will notice
a stream on the left. Follow it to a split around a small little isle to find
the flag.

*After the roads open up.*

34. When coming through for the second time, after the roads open up, head
west from Masyaf toward Acre. Shortly into the ride you should run into a
fork in the road, sorta. Just go right to find a tiny building with a flag
behind it.

35. Soon after you will run into another view point to the right. Go behind
the tower and find this one on a wall.

36. In the village nearby, go toward the docks to the west, and look up one of
the buildings. A flag should be on a chimney.

37. To the south of the last flag you should see another on a building; this
time by a chimney.

38. Go southeast of the last flag to find this one up the ways and on the
first level roof of a house.

39. Go up the ways almost directly east to find this flag at the top of a very
tall building, with a very tall ladder to get you up there.

40. Drop down and hop over to a roof to the north for this flag.

41. Looking west you should see this one hanging from a crane on the roof.
Directly opposite the side of #38.

42. Go over the to docks. Walk forward to the wall of guys, but then hop from
a pole to a boat and then to another part of the dock on the left. Run across
the poles in the gap to claim a flag.

43. Now hop over to the north docks and then hop your way from either the left
or right sides to get to the boat to the very north end. You could even run
past the guard up the middle dock if you want, but just take your time hopping
around the surfaces and you should make it. I say go up the side to the right,
and then return the same way you came.

44. At a view point that is part of a seemingly barricade for guards, blocking
the path to Acre, the flag is behind the fence. So climb up the tower and do
the sync, then leap into the hay. Hop out, blend, grab flag, and then walk

45. This one is actually in the checkpoint. Just go blend and walk into the
wooden spiked-fence area and find this one behind a tent, then walk out. It
should be noted that you blend-walk faster on a horse.

46. This one is to the south of the last two, in a ruined house.

47. Nearby is a watchtower with a ladder to get up for the flag.

48. South of this tower is a house and a ruined house. The flag is behind the
ruined wall.

49. Going east from the previous area, you will soon find another watchtower
with a flag on the ground below it for a change.

50. Directly east of the last one is a building with the flag behind it.

51. There is a big rock sticking in the ground to the west of this whole place.
There is a flag in the shadow of it.

52. Up the ways by the nearest view point will be a building to the south of it
with the flag in the back.

53. To the southwest of #52 is a building with a flag on the roof corner.

54. This flag is on the ground, in a shadowy corner of the nearby view point.

55. This one is by a watchtower near the view point, but there is a guard up

56. Now will be the ruins area to the very south of the map of Kingdom. We
will use the north end with the dead bodies as the starting point. Go to the
left (east) and follow a path behind the ruins to find the first flag, and
there is also a Templar Knight at the end of this path.

57. Go to the end of this path, kill the Templar, and then up the wall to the
right. Look up the pillar to see a flag. To to the right and onto a broken
wall. Get to the edge by the other pillar and from here you can run up, then
jump to the flag on the pillar.

58. From here, go south and up to the very top level of these ruins. Go left
to the corner to find a flag in shadow.

59. Now turn around and find the huge broken archway. Start climbing and at the
top is a flag. There is a flag to the north, but you cannot get it at the
moment (it's on a tall pillar that you can't jump to). Refer to #100 for the
last flag you can't get for a while. If you want to save this one for after you
reach rank 4, that will work too.

60. Now climb back down the archway to the ground. Go west a bit and you should
see one flag on top of a small structure. You can't jump from the steps on the
far west, but find a sloping flat surface higher than the flag and jump from

61. Hop down and go north on the ground to find this one below wooden ramp.

62. Go west to the broken steps, in the shadow of a mountainside, this one is
on a broken pillar.

63. Go back to the ramp and get on top. Follow the top of the adjacent wall
all the way to a pillar at the end. From here you can look down to another
pillar with a flag.

64. Get back to the ground and run to the south end of the other broken wall
on the opposite side. Get on a pillar and then jump to the top of this wall,
and follow it to pillars with one having a flag.

65. Now that you're done in the ruins, go north to find a flag on the corner
of a small house, near the horse.

66. Behind the view point that is heavily guarded on the cliffside. It's on the

67. The trail leading north to the first village in this area will have camp
close by. Kill the guards if you want, or blend and grab the flag at the center
of the camp.

68. From the ruins, take the path leading to the Jerusalem side of the Kingdom.
Soon you will see a watchtower. Hop off your steed and grab the flag behind it.

69. When you are heading to the Jerusalem exit, go down the Damascus to hit a
village with many watchtowers. Get to the view point, after you clear all the
watchtower, and find a stream to the northeast. Follow it to a flag in the

70. Go up the path touching this stream to some buildings at the top. On one
of the humped houses is this flag.

71. Down the path from #70 will be some huts. Go down the ramp one level to
find a hut with a flag at the back, in the shadow.

72. Go to the southeast side of the village to find another humped house. Along
the outer wall of the property is a flag on the archway.

73. Staying on this side, go west along the rock wall to find a flag between a
hut and a house.

74. To the west side of this village, up top and behind a house is flag in
the shadow of the rock wall, right next to a well.

75. By the tower somewhat in the center of this village, this flag is down the
ramp and by a fence to the northeast.

76. When leaving this village up the north path to Damascus, there will be one
hut at the top of the path, to the left. Go grab the flag nearby.

77. Just east of #76, there will be another hut (nearby is a Templar), and
there is another flag. This one is by a cart.

78. After heading not too far up this trail, which has a lot of pairs of
guards, there will be a ramp leading up to the left. Take it and follow the
ledge on the left, past a bench, and then drop down when you see a flag below.

79. Near the view point overlooking the river, there will be a little feeding
pen with horses and men all around. Just as before, toss the men over the side
of the cliff, then hop up to claim the flag on the little structure.

80. If you return to the view point by the river, take the path on the left.
The two watchtowers will both have flags. Get this one...

81. ... and this one on the other side.

82. Up to the north of these watchtowers are two more with two more flags. Grab
this one...

83. ... then this one.

84. Now south back toward the Jerusalem exit. When you hit the fork in the
road, go up the left path. This flag is on a rock shortly after the watchtower.

85. Down this path is another watchtower. Get up there, kill the guy, and then
get the flag.

86. Now go all the way to the side with the Acre exit. When you run into a
watchtower with a guard on top, go behind it to find this flag in some grass.

87. Start by getting to the view point nearby. There is a flag toward the
ground, at the back of this tower.

88. Enter the village nearby (which is very close to Acre) from the northeast
ramp. Get down the ramp and to the right will be a flag among some tents.

89. To the west is a heavily fortified enemy encampment. There is no other way
to get in and get the flags than to kill most if not all of the guys inside.
Assissnate whoever you can, but you'll end up in a few skirmishes. Usually
getting a big crowd and then killing a bunch of them will cause the rest to
flee. The first two are in both watchtowers guarding the opening in the wall.
Fight for this one...

90. ... and this one. And if you clear both towers, let some guys follow you
up one to toss them off. There is also a pit near the tents, but it doesn't
do enough damage to kill a soldier itself. Good thing to use anyway.

91. Speaking of which, this pit has not just this flag...

92. ... but this flag too. Use the ladder to get both and get out.

93. Still in the camp, you will find a crane on the left side. Go up the
watchtower nearby and jump from it to the flag on the crane.

94. Go back out of this fort and into the tent area nearby. To to the right
to find a flag among some guys; you will most likely have to kill them.

95. Down the path from the port-town toward the Acre exit, this path has a
low road and a high road. Take the low road and the path on the right to find
this flag in the grass.

96. Now find the ramps that take you up top from either side and find what is
like an island up here, near some broken bridge pieces. The flag will be near
fire in the middle.

97. Still on this "island" in the air, drop off the side so that you can kill
some archers on the cliff side. The flag is to the north, and you don't have
to kill the archers, that's just something extra.

98. Get back on the rampway, but follow the path to the north. This will lead
you to a dead end, but there is a flag. And this too is still on the upper

99. Duh, this one is behind the second view point you got. It's basically part
of that first village we ran into.

100. This one was referred to on #59. Go back to the ruins after you get the
catch ledge ability from your rank 4. Get back to where you grabbed #59, then
jump over the slightly lower pillar. The only way to get the last flag below is
to jump that way, hold the grab button, and then you got it. Great job!

11-25-2007, 09:08 AM
ok thanks gaz. congrats to ur 100/100 kingdom flags.

11-25-2007, 12:38 PM
thanks gaz2785 for all the flag locations
great enough

12-02-2007, 07:31 PM
Gaz, do you remember the number? I'm missing the same flag. It's because the guide wrong. Prima sucks that way.

12-05-2007, 09:58 AM
uh what map did you use for that list? its definately not the standard map everyone else has im assuming

12-07-2007, 07:20 AM
Originally posted by DrZook:
Gaz, do you remember the number? I'm missing the same flag. It's because the guide wrong. Prima sucks that way.

BradyGames Guides are always much better.

Prima waste time,and TREES(paper) By telling the story/dialog word for word,. like WTF were playign the game we don't need it in book form ,. we got the book to find everything and ****,.

I'm finding the flags first thing everytime i gain access to a new area ignoring all elses just gettign to know the area while flag search and mindlessly killing gaurds for fun along the way LOL

12-07-2007, 07:21 AM
Originally posted by krucialb:
uh what map did you use for that list? its definately not the standard map everyone else has im assuming

He's got the Offical Prima Guide it's got maps for each area with a marker for each flags and a list of there loactions to match the numbered marker

08-09-2008, 11:39 PM
The book doesnt have them numbered correctly.....theres a website thats got the right and true numbers. If you need it then its (which all of you might have been to it or not)